Mischa Fanghaenel

b. Moscow, Russia. Lives and works in Berlin.


Born in Moscow, Russia, Mischa moved to Germany at a young age and now lives and works in Berlin. He has been active as a photographer for over 20 years. His work has been largely concerned with subjects that contrast their surroundings; finding moments of beauty & tranquility in places that one wouldn’t usually expect to find them. Mischa’s ‘Blurred” series was shot entirely at night, within urban landscapes – which are usually hectic and demanding. These photographs allow us to step back from the chaos of everyday urban life and stop, just to look and enjoy; to see the beauty in things one would normally rush past without a second thought. His photographs invite the viewer to rest for a moment, let their mind wander, and find their own peaceful haven.


  • www.mischapictures.de


  • @mischapictures


  • 2018 KIN.Berlin Duality Berlin
  • 2018 Enter Art Foundation Stockholm
  • 2017 Foyou Art Berlin
  • 2017 Berliner Liste Berlin
  • 2017 8 Tage Marzahn Berlin
  • 2017 The Ballery Berlin
  • 2017 Enter Art Foundation Berlin

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