Vinicius Jayme Vallorani


b 1985 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Lives and works in Berlin.

Not only does he paint with his emotions, Vinicius tries to redefine the word emotion. He urges the viewer to see and fully experience what is happening within, rendering everything around abstract and inconsequential. 

Through his process the artist tries to eliminate the separation between man and his environment. Vinicius attempts to break the boundaries in order to unify man and his surroundings. He achieves this through his intertwining and colorful compositions reminiscent of fractal geometry. Vinicius’s work, similar to “chaos theory”, where the intertwining and colorful compositions express unification, represent and imitate everyday life. 

The paintings are an experimental and personal new language that Vinicius is developing in order to stimulate our senses. By crossing these boundaries, the artist wants to awaken our subconscious and enlighten us on unspoken rules that society has imposed on us as beings. 

Art is born from personal passion. The artist creates a space where everything can be destroyed and rebuilt, much like in life. His creative process is not based on the common ideology of conceptual art but based on joy and self-expression. His free handed and dynamic technique is an accelerator to his creative language. 

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