Stefano Taiuti

b 1967 Rome, Italy. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


My field of research is butoh dance and creative movement. I explore specific ways to approach the body and the elements of movement, with particular attention to the role of proprioceptors as well as internal movement, in search of a personal, authentic and unique way of dancing.

The focus of my work is both on the research and the presentation of my findings.
I develop tools for conscious movement and employ them to bring my visions alive.

This can take the shape of a theatrical piece, an interactive performance, a site specific action and can take place in any kind of non-conventional setting such as, urban spaces, clubs or art galleries.

The occasion presently offered to me by EAF to have a room at my disposal for the whole duration of the 48 hour Lost exhibition, seemed to me as a rare opportunity to test myself in a radical way while at the same time experiencing unknown outcomes, either mentally, bodily and in relation with the audience.

I decided to use this occasion to explore publicly what would happen to my body and mind if secluded in isolation for 2 days, blindfolded, acoustically isolated and living with as much as possible the same condition as an inmate in solitary isolation, with the exception that I determine my own condition willingly and I have the keys to my freedom at any time. Although I consider the practice of isolation in prison a form of torture, this is not a protest. It is a shared process of sinking in the depth of my own body and mind.

Originality is not the point of this experience, endurance performances have been around since the very beginning of performative art, and self-detention, in particular the work of artists like Techching Hsieh in the 1960s and the many that have followed.

The purpose of this exploration through seclusion is therefore to realize an encounter with a deeper self inside of me and to offer it to the viewer in the form of my own transformative presence.

At the same time the action activates metaphors on many levels, inviting a reflection about the meaning of freedom in our society and the illusion of control over our own lives.

Loosing Control, a 48h performance.


  • At age 21, without former experience, I started to research in the field of mime and dance performance.
  • Through the years I trained with mime /dancer Adam Darius, with mime/dancer Lindsay Kemp, with Marcel Marceau, and with the Japanese mime/actor Hal Yamanouchi.
  • In absence of a performing arts school in  Rome, I chose to follow mime classes and workshops, while getting a bachelor's degree in history of dance and mime, at the University la Sapienza, Rome.
  • I also practiced capoeira, yoga, qi qung, contemporary dance and improvisation.
  • At 25 I was working in street art festivals in Italy and Europe-Certaldo – Avignon – Edinburg- Perigoux.
  • In 1994 I first say a butoh dance performance by Masaki Iwana.
  • Since then I studied his method for 15 years, participating in his workshops in Italy and France.
  • In 2000 I co-founded the butoh dance collective Lios, organizing the international butoh festival “Trasform’azioni” from 2000 to 2013.
  • I then followed the teaching of  Yoko Murunoi, Ko Morobushi, Min Tanaka, Akira Kasai and Daisuke Yoshimoto in repeated staged and choreographed performances.
  • I danced in the Akira Kasai choreography “Eliogabalus”, in Min Tanaka piece “31 july”, in  Masaki Iwana piece “flowers drunken by the smell of blood”.
  • Butoh dance offered me a vision of a different body,  a different way to live the act of dancing and a breathless range of spiritual body experiences.
  • These experiences gathered  in an intense performing activity with solo and group works presented in art galleries, theaters, urban interventions, clubs and television.
  • From 1998 to 2004 I joined the Kitonb extreme theatre company ,as performer, creative consultant and physical-trainer.
  • In 2003 I founded the company Zeitgeist, producing and choreographing solo and group works with guest artists.
  • Leaving Italy in 2011, I closed the company and continued my activity signing my pieces with my own name.
  • In 2015 I moved to Berlin where I’m now based.
  • Animal Factory - teatro Furio Camillo - Rome.2003
  • Only muscles and bones - Festival scatole sonore - Rome 2003
  • Sibyll - teatro Furio Camillo - Rome 2004
  • Butoh Punk opera - teatro Furio Camillo - Rome 2005
  • Oscar dolls - prize of the audience - festival dante cappelletti, teatro India-Rome 2005
  • D,n.a. - Romaeuropa festival - officine marconi -Rome 2006
  • Il corpo fisico (The physical body) - festival Adanthè.vanves - Paris 2007
  • Cause of decease - festival - la notte Bianca - Rome 2008
  • Due volte (Twice) - festival D10 - Rome 2009
  • Crudo (Raw) - prize ZTL - festival teatri di vetro - Rome 2010
  • Primo Movimento - teatro Palladium - Rome 2011
  • King of spring - open atelier - Laren 2011
  • Still water - salon de ijzerstaven - Amsterdam 2012
  • Dead ain’t bad. - Kunsthaus Rhenania - Cologne 2012
  • Lust. - McTheatre - Amsterdam 2013
  • Treibwolke - Kunsthaus Rhenania - Cologne 2013
  • Nostos - theatre furio camillo - Rome 2014
  • Gost Cello - Brisbane, Australia 2014
  • Duality - Liber Null Griessmühle - Berlin 2015
  • Christ...Fuck - collective research project with Gabriella Majorino - Paris 2015/2016
  • Three short pieces about Lust - Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte - Berlin 2017

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