Alejandra Vargas Díaz

b 1979 Mexico City. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


‘Deconstruct to Reconstruct’ – As an artist, Alejandra Vargas Díaz is continually seeking ways to materialise personal thoughts from daily contemplation. Her work explores the very emotional perception and physical behaviour (body language) of subjects and objects in space; with a special focus on how alignment and color impact this approach.

She draws inspiration from the tension between colours and textures, form and patterns. Often, her works are fragmented thoughts creating oneiric entities that fall for abstract compositions.

She works with an emphasis on collage techniques to create most of her works, combining old-school techniques with new media tools. Her photographs are sculptures projecting a profound relation towards the instant, while her titles are strongly connected to the narrative of each piece.


  • Education
  • 2005 UDLAP, Graphic Design - Cholula, Puebla, México
  • Group Exhibitions
  • 2017 Le Genie Art Group Exhibition | Le Genie D'Alex | Paris, France.
  • 2017 Boards Art Group Exhibition | Das Giftraum | Berlin, Germany.
  • 2016 This is Latin Photography! | Azúcar Gallery | Berlin, Germany.
  • 2015 Artistes Emergents Festa Vespres 10 Anys UB | Universidad de Barcelona | Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2015 Open Doors Collective Art Exhibition | Nest Atelier | Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2014 Die Lange Nacht der Museen | Milchbar | Münster, Germany.
  • 2014 D!NG EXHIBITION X•I | RAAM | Kortrijk, Belgium
  • Solo Exhibitions
  • 2014 For the Love of Visual Expression Solo Photography Exhibition | Underground Space Tarannà | Barcelona, Spain
  • Other
  • 2018 Introspective Series for the Book "Collage - Make the impossible possible" by SendPoints Editorial | China
  • 2017 Selected Artist for D!NG Magazine 4-Year Anniversary Issue | Belgium

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