Amit Elan

b 1989 Boston, USA. Raised in Israel. Lives and works in Berlin.


I like to show people in their more barbaric primal states; to freeze climactic moments. My paintings are a clash between a dark abject world and a colorful childish dimension, where distorted characters, and splashing body fluids, sexuality, perfectionism and fetish go hand in hand with humor, inflatable dinosaurs, rainbows, intergalactic unicorns and gummy bears.

A world where laws of physics and social prohibitions do not exist.

All is allowed in this utopian dimension; no matter if you are a fluffy talking marshmallow or a beaten up genderqueer pageant queen, everybody is welcome.

The working process always starts from bits and pieces taken from my own photography. I combine oil paint, aquarelle, crayons, markers, pen, pencil, fake tattoos, charcoal, spray, stencils, glue, fire, tape, stickers, sparkles and just about any tool that leaves a mark.


  • 2007-2009    Visual Arts Department, Hamidrasha Art College, Beit Berl, Israel
  • 2005-2007    Photography college ,  Ha Studiyo, Ra'anana, Israel
Solo Exhibitions
  • 2012         "Amit Elan Solo", AKA Gallery,  Berlin
  • 2011         "Pigdogs Etc..", TaoPhilippines Gallery, Cadlao Island, Philippines
  • 2009          Amit Elan , “Ha Midrasha Guest Gallery”, Beit berel, Israel
Group Exhibitions 
  • 2015         “ID”, Display Gallery, London
  • 2014         "Monsters", SPRECHSAAL Gallery, Berlin
  • 2013         "IMAGINATION Israeli Art Exhibition 2013", Bank Hapoalim, Tel Aviv
  • 2012         "2112" , Zaritsky Artists House , curator: Liav Mizrahi , Tel Aviv
  • 2012        "48 Hours Neukölln Festival", Agora Collective, Berlin
  • 2012        "TERA NOVA", The New Bat Yam Art Gallery, Bat-Yam, Israel
  • 2011        "Urban in Vitkin", Contemporary Art Gallery, Kfar Vitkin, Israel
  • 2011        "MicaMoca-Playground", Mica Moca, Berlin
  • 2011        "Warhouse-The Return of the Big Old Nose", ZMF Gallery, Berlin
  • 2011        "Preview New Year", Kunstraum Richard Sorge Gallery, Berlin
  • 2010        "Collective Wedding", HBC Gallery, Berlin
  • 2010        "La Creche", Berliner Kunst salon Art Fair, Berlin
  • 2010        "Houdini Underland" group exhibition in “Playground Berlin”, Berlin
  • 2010        Sandbox group exhibition, "LA54", Berlin
  • 2010        R.E.D, kunstraum Richard sorge Gallery, Berlin
Selected Performances
  • 2015       Performer in TINO SEHGAL solo exhibition , Martin Gropius Bau Museum, Berlin
  • 2014       EXTRAVAGANZA, Agora Collective
  • 2014       Role in the Movie "Pierrot Lunaire", Director - Bruce LaBruce
  • 2014        Club Fetisch performance collaboration with Stephanie Ballentine
  • 2013        Vigilante Dot Croh´ns , YOU ARE THE ARTIST ,JE Regrette Gallery,  Berlin
  • 2013        Vigilante Dot Croh´ns, Berlin fashion week EDGED Showroom, Berlin
  • 2013         “The price of silver went up“ , Berlin
  • 2012        "MANISENSATIONS", LEAP Gallery, Berlin
Residencies and Projects
  • 2011         TaoPhilipines  six months Artist residency, The Philippines
  • 2011         Journalist for IGBK "Artist in transit magazine", Germany
  • Michael and Yuval Rakavy art collection, Israel
  • Markus Winzer collection, Germany
  • Tao Philippines collection, The Philippines

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