Anna Weber

b 1986 Düsseldorf. Lives and works in Düsseldorf.


Two chairs under a blanket.
A safe place where everything is allowed and where you can let your imagination wander.
Every child builds themselves tents, every man has memories of the original joy and freedom while building them.
For some years now, this phenomenon fascinates me.
My tent pictures are utopian visions and childhood memories at the same time. Color patches and shapes are becoming objects.Personal elements are integrated without personalizing. I go into abstraction to free and stimulate the imagination of the beholder. Everyone should be able to see what their own creativity shows them. A trip out of everyday life of an adult into the world of memories and joy, past and future at the same time. Colors and shapes create playful spaces, which exist self-evident without architectural logic. A really strong supporting pillar becomes a filigree line, still able to support a huge construct. The power of the colors and the imagination keeps the tent together and makes it a reality. The colors and technique of my painting are playful. Acrylic and varnish mixes with different color materials. The spray can draws large-area spontaneous lines. It creates energy.


  • Education
  • 2006 - 2007  Art Academy Münster - Münster - DE
  • 2008 - 2009 Art Academy Düsseldorf - Düsseldorf - DE
  • 2015 Akademiebrief - Düsseldorf - DE
  • Residencies
  • 2016 Artist in Residence Scholarship - Tampere - FI
  • Exhibitions
  • 30 Contemporary Artists by Enter Art Foundation - Multipolster - Berlin - DE

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