Bobo Wallmansson

b Borås, Sweden Lives and works in Borås .


I love to work with a large field of colour. I think a lot of the room or space I place my monkeys in, and it is a conscious choice to not put too much scenery around them that can steal the focus, it’s about the interaction they have with each other, and the background colour enhances the feeling a want to mediate. I like to think of my paintings as mood setters when you walk into a room with one of my paintings, you should be able to read it in seconds and subconsciously be affected by it.

Why monkeys? This is a question I hear a lot.
Besides the fact that they are funny and that it makes me happy to paint them, we have 99% the same DNA, but we are so different from each other, they live with the nature and we live off of it, but in some ways are we still similar, communicating with gestures and sounds, forming groups and hierarchies, it’s like describing a generational gap between us and our primal ancestors.

Instagram: @wallmansson


  • 2011-2012 Painting and Sculpture - Art College Göteborg - Göteborg - SE
  • 2012-2014 Painting - Götenborg School Of Art - Göteborg - SE
Solo Exhibitions
  • 2017
  • Cut The Ties - Stockholm - SE
  • Celebration to Duration - Gallery Arkiv8 - Göteborg - SE
  • 2016
  • Me Like You Like Them Like Us Part I - Båstad Hotel - Gallery Arkiv8 - Båstad - SE
  • Me Like You Like Them Like Us Part II - Stockholm - SE
  • Jag upplevde H.K.H Mariella Interiors - Borås - SE
  • 2015
  • Homage to Heritage Part I - Stockholm - SE
  • Homage to Heritage Part II - Galleri Arkiv8 - Göteborg - SE
  • 2014
  • Monkey Business - Galleri Sandeng - Göteborg -SE
  • 2013
  • Who, Where and What is the Monkey - Borås -SE
Group Exhibitions
  • 26 Contemporary Artists by Enter Art Foundation - Epicentre Stockholm - Stockholm - SE

  • 2015 Galleri Torekov - Torekov - SE

Art Fairs
  • 2017 Affordable Art Fair Stockholm - Gallery Nordic Artwall - Stockholm - SE
Grant Prizes
  • 2014 Eric Ericsson Scholarship for Art - SE

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