Christa Margreiter


b. in Rosenheim, Germany. Lives and works in Rosenheim.
Art is a map of life
Therefore  –     no message, no  statement  –  only painting
In the map of art there will be many who are able to read
Margreiter frees her pictures from their conventional frames. In her own instinctive manner she cross cuts fragments of memory based on canonized works and paints them over al fresco as collages in a fresh, original style. Finding herself in a hefty clinch with the futile sense of surfeit that has gripped all those who still risk the act of painting, she has thrust herself  into the ongoing battle of pictures. Indeed, no pictorial work wishes to share with its combatants a place on the wall. Each work wishes to present itself alone.


  • 1998    Skulptur and Ceramic, Montelupo/Florenz
  • 2001    Galery Hyna,Tegernsee
  • 2003    Alte Spinnerei,Kolbermoor
  • 2004    Le Moulin dÒbermodern,Straßburg
  • 2005    Alte Spinnerei,Kolbermoor
  • 2006    Kunstverein Wasserburg AK 68 (Katalog)
  • 2007    Mönchsberg Exhibition,Salzburg
  • 2007    Exhibition Nocturne dÀrtois,Arrondissement de l`Elyseè, Paris
  • 2007    Kunst im Chiemgau,Jahresausstellung
  • 2008    Schloss Hartmannsberg-60 Jahre Verfassungskonvent


  •         2008    Kunst im Chiemgau, Jahresausstellung
  •         2009    Jahresausstellung Kunst-und Kulturverein

Prien am Chiemsee

  • 2009   „Bilderglauben“, Kanzlei Kern,Zug/Schweiz
  • 2009   Loft Gallery Exhibition,Summer Show 2009,London,UK
  • 2010   25 Jahre Kulturförderverein Prien/Chiemsee (Katalog)
  • 2011   Oxfordshire Artsweeks,Exhibition and Private View,Oxford,UK
  • 2013   Kulturförderverein Prien am Chiemsee/Jahresausstellun
  • 2014 Kunst in der Regierung von Oberbayern, München,


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