Claudia Fauth

b 1962 Berlin. Lives and works in Berlin.



    1980 moved to New York where she started dealing with antique jewelry 1981 returned to Berlin and founded the Gallery Art 1900 specialised in early 20th century fine art, design and jewelry 1995 studied modeling and sculpting with Rainhard Leonard 1996 studied stone sculpting with Rüdiger Schöll 2004 - 2014 designed fine jewels 2004 - 2011 lived in New York, Miami, Berlin and London 2012 started to study classic singing with Luciana Roffo 2016 opend her Studio in Berlin
    2014 Von der Avantgarde zur Moderne, Berlin 2014 The Original Miami Beach Antique Show, Miami 2015 Venice Biennale 2015 Expansion und Konzentration, Berlin 2015 It‘s Liquid international art show, Venice 2015 Future Memories - The Contemporary Sence Of Awarness, Venice 2016 Ein Sommertreffen, Berlin 2016 Berliner Liste, Berlin 2016 - 2017 ART EXPLOSION, Berlin
    2016 SeaScapes Art Exhibition, Special Recognition Category, Light Space & Art Gallery 2016 SeaScapes Art Exhibition, Special Merit Category, Light Space & Art Gallery
    Her works are held in several collections in England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain and the USA

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