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Symbiosis: Biological relationship system in which two members of different species converge in a space, where both obtain benefits from this interaction.

It is from this study, in which concepts such as the environment, contrasting the relationships that can happen between the species including the human, became subject of social-like studies.
It refers to the metonymy between biological relationship systems and forms of social interaction (understanding the social as a configuration of collectivity of the same species) dividing and fragmenting the environment in two parts: natural environment and constructed environment, as if each one was from different species.
Natural environment: it is the spatial conformation that is constituted by bio-semantic elements (plants, animals, microorganisms, etc.) managing nodes that bring balance to the environment; depredation, parasitism among other forms of biological relationship.
Built – in environment: Structured through the assemblies that will model a society according to their forms of production, marketing and consumption. Which is carried out through social – environmental relationship processes like gentrification, industrialization production, consumption, etc.


  • Studies in FAD (Faculty of arts and design). UNAM. Mexico
  • Experimental video installations in open spaces.
  • Superfine the Finest Fair Miami.
  • Many fields of study, from biology, architecture, sociology, philosophy, etymology, botanic and design, this in order to build multi-channels of communication as well as wider vision in each proposal.
  • This is how Symbiosis Collective is made, an association between two, symbiosis as creation, production and logistics axis.
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