Cornelius Staudt

b 1962 Darmstadt. Lives and works in Darmstadt, Germany.


My whole life, I knew that I would be a painter. At the beginning of my work as an artist, my focus was on nonobjective painting. My main interest was informal art. Besides working as a painter, I’ve been working as a contemporary glass designer and have been realizing many projects in this field.
In recent years, I am drawn more and more towards landscape painting. Here I have found the right way to express my inner state of mind through my art. This was initiated by a terrible calamity which happened in 2004, after which I chose landscapes to express my mood and feelings. I started to translate old photographs into paintings, searching for a way to precisely reproduce and match the emotion “die and become”. 
This was the beginning of my great passion for landscape painting. Currently I am working on a series entitled “Aufbruch in eine ferne Zeit” which can be translated into “Departure into a distant time”. It is based on the aerial video documentary of the circumnavigation of the Zeppelin “Graf Zeppelin”, from New York to New York in 1929.
During my career as an artist, my art has gone through many metamorphosis’s; 
from completely gestural works to today’s rather silent and quiet works. This also includes the series entitled “Homeland”, which until today has taken all my love and attention. 
An curator once said, that today, I would not need to be angry anymore in order to achieve the desired results with my art – this speaks to me from the heart. With my art I want to reach out to and connect with people who are searching for their inner peace, just like me.


  • Exhibitions
  • 2016 50 Contemporary Artists by Enter Art Foundation – Orenstein & Koppel Lofts – Berlin – DE

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