Daniel Schäuble

b 1963 Basel, Switzerland. Lives and works in Basel and Berlin.


Daniel is a print artist born in Basel, Switzerland. He lives in Basel and visits Berlin several times a year, where he also works in a print atelier.
Most of his prints are made in the Druckwerk Printatelier Basel.
He frequently travels to Berlin, Paris, Valencia and London to work and live.

Nature and graffiti art have inspired Daniel’s work. Imaginary and fictitious places and stories are also an important part of his work.


Education 2015 Print Residency 2015 „ Unnoticed „ Basel 2014 Print Residency 2014 „ Grid Flow “ International Printmaking Artists Basel 2013 Workshop Radierung, Aquatinta im Druckgraphik-Atelier Berlin 2012 Workshop Lithography Druckgraphik-Atelier Berlin 2011 Workshop Malen und Zeichnen auf dem Darss in Wieck mit Eberhard Hartwig Berlin 2010 Workshop Lithography Druckgraphik-Atelier Berlin 2009 Dezember Workshop Lithography Druckgraphik-Atelier Berlin März Workshop Lithography Druckgraphik-Atelier Eberhard Hartwig Berlin 2006 Druckgrafik-Künstler im druckwerk  im Sudhaus Basel 2005 Radierkurs im druckwerk Basel bei Marcel Göhring
  1.  3 Months in Valencia, Spanien
  1. 3 Months in London, England
  Exhibitions 2016 „eindruck 2016“ exhibition Basel 2015 „ Unnoticed „ International Printmaking Artists 2015 Print Residency Basel Art Book Fair Basel 2015 2014 EINDRUCK 3 exhibition Basel „ Grid Flow “ International Printmaking Artists 2014 Print Residency Basel 2014 I Never Read 2014 Art Book Fair Basel 2008 Exhibition „Druck“ Arbeiten aus der Druckwerkstatt druckwerk im Werkraum Warteck Sudhaus Basel 2006 Exhibition „Zeitmasken Zeitreisen“

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