Dénesh Ghyczy

b 1970 Diepholz, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin.


In much of my work, solitary figures placed in undefined painterly spaces seem to have a readiness to let go and disperse into the immediate surrounding, loosening and becoming part at the same time. As paintings, these works investigate the boundaries of the body as a mass and an outline. The abstract background that is often composed with loose paint strokes, reminiscent of seismographical recordings, interacts with the figures, somewhat carrying or holding them. It is this in-between state of letting go until the arrival into the unknown that interests me. Dispersing and disappearing even, and having faith in oneself, stretched into eternity.


  • 1988-1990 studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam
  • 1990-1991 studies at the Art Academy, Budapest
  • 1991-1992 studies at the St.Luc Academy, Brussels
  • 2014 artist in residence, Shanghai (Pantocrator Gallery)
  • artist in residence, Budapest (ART Factory BAF)
  • 2017 CHB Atelier, Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin
Solo exhibitions:
  • 2018 Wavelength, Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto (catalogue)
  • Dénesh Ghyczy, Galerie Erlas, Traunkirchen, Austria
  • solo presentation at Paper Positions Berlin with Westphal-Berlin
  • 2017 Between Lines, Balassi Istitute, Helsinki and Tallinn
  • Unknown Frequencies, Westphal-Berlin, Berlin (catalogue)
  • 2015 Fragmentiert, Brennwald Galerie, Kiel Close Up, Reinhardt & Partner Contemporary, Hamburg Temporary Mural, povvera, Berlin
  • 2014 Das Fremde Selbst, Galerie Robert Eberhardt, Berlin
  • Silent Mantra, Biksady Gallery, Budapest (catalogue)
  • Insight Inside, Pantocrator Gallery, Shanghai
  • Spectral, Whiteconcepts, Berlin (with Greg Murr)
  • El acto de ser, Alejandro Gallery, Barcelona
  • 2013 Die Gefühlte Mitte, Klettgau Gallery, Klettgau-Grießen
  • Chaque être humain, 5 Pieces Gallery, Bern
  • 2012 Soul Out, Art Suites Gallery, Istanbul (catalogue)
  • Echo Vision, Neonchocolate Gallery, Berlin
  • 2010 Napp und Ghyczy, Schreier & Von Metternich Fine Arts, Düsseldorf (with Janetta Napp)
  • Mind Out Of Time, Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest (catalogue)
  • Tuning In, Galerie kulturreich, Hamburg (curated by Uwe Goldenstein)
Group exhibitions:
  • 2016 Widerkunst, Holzmarkt, Berlin Millerntor Gallery #6, Millerntor Stadium, Hamburg Innerscape, Treptower, Berlin (with Ulrike van de Löcht, Sofia Nordmann and Nina von Rössing)
  • 2014 Sunland, ENPC Free Trade Zone, Shanghai Drive the Change, 100 Plus, Zürich (curated by Annette von Spesshardt Portatius)
  • Frühjahrsausstellung, Klettgau Gallery, Klettgau (with Nina Nolte and Marco Reichert)
  • 2013 Viel Zu Viel, Galerie Baum Auf Dem Hügel, Berlin
  • 2012 I`m Sorry, I Couldn´t Recognize You, Port-Art Gallery, Ankara (catalogue)
  • Schatzlager, Emmanuel Walderdorff Gallery, Cologne
  • 2011 Technology Won´t Save Us, Art Suites Gallery, Istanbul (catalogue)
  • Young European Landscape, Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin (catalogue)
  • and Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg, Denmark
  • Ungarische Gegenwartskunst aus Berlin, Hungarian Ambassy, Berlin (with Gábor A.Nagy, Adam Bota and Konstantin Déry)
  • 2010 I´m Not There, Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin (with Simone Haack, Alejandro Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Steffi Stangl and Attila Szücs, curated by Uwe Goldenstein)
  • On Paper, Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest

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