Dirk Müggenburg

b 1977 Buchholz. Lives and works in Berlin.


Dirk Mueggenburg’s still-lifes are a result of an obsession with flowers: People use them as symbols to make statements of affection and mourning, and people avoid them as they stand for vulnerability and doomed promises. It seems impossible to view flowers as neutral objects, for their designs arouse either admiration and desire or loathing due to cultural overexposure and negative connotations of kitsch. Dirk Mueggenburg happily gives in to this hate-love relationship and explores a critical engagement with attraction, melancholia and sentiment.



  • HAW Hamburg Hamburg, Germany,1999 - 2005
  • Diploma Communication Design at Hamburg University of Applied Scienes
  • Completed a Diploma under renowned photographer Prof Ute Mahler.
  • Awarded a year long schoolarship at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem focusing on analog and digital photography and image processing
  • Deutsche Pop Academy for Music and Media Berlin, Germany, 2012
  • Completed with Diplomas in Cameraman and Video Editing
  • Prize of the Darmstädter Sezession Darmstadt, Germany, 2009
  • Honored with nomination, exhibition and publication accompanying the 36th anniversary of the annual Darmstädter Sezession, the renowned German artist union.
  • Kodak New Talent Award Hamburg, Germany, 2005
  • Award given for the artistic development and creative execution of innovative concepts in photography. Awarded work was nationally promoted with a double spread publication in Photonews magazine.
  • luel magazine, May Issue, Seoul, South Korea, 2017
  • Nationally distributed print magazine on art and lifestyle
  • Portfolio showcasing Müggenburg's still life photography
  • Der Greif, Issue 10, Munich, Germany, 2017
  • Limited edition, internationally distributed print- and online publication on photography and literature
  • DNCHT magazine for photography, design and subculture, #18, Leipzig, Germany, 2016
  • Limited edition, internationally distributed biannual magazine
  • publication in die nacht Short Stories
  • Der Greif, “Guest-Room”
  • München, Germany, 2015
  • Limited edition, internationally distributed print- und online publication on photography and literature, curated by gallerist Katrin Weber.
  • Vorn IV
  • Berlin, German, 2007
  • Internationally awarded art and design magazine. Photographs were curated by internationally renowned photographer and publisher Joachim Baldauf.
  • Photonews, Nr.5
  • Hamburg, 2005
  • Photography magazine. Publication of awarded photographs commenting on the conflict in the Middle East, accompanied by an essay by publisher Denis Brudner.

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