Drury Brennan

b 1981 St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Lives and works in Berlin.


Calligraphy, to me, in its truest form, is a calling for a universal togetherness, the same as, say deep music.

In its timed emptinesses and gaps, calligraphy asks us to listen with our eyes to the spirit who’s behind the strokes.

I’m mixing together styles and ideas as a producer of hip-hop selects which samples to use for a beat, irrespective of genre or Herkunft, poetry or Graffiti, truth or confessional shame, Basquiat or bastard art.

I suppose I wish to destroy more than explain, to advertise my brokenness instead of feigning a solution. Can I make something that’s formidable-looking and not have it be called graffiti or macho? Can I combine whatever I want on a surface, and, more importantly, do you hear it all? The lines that I write are stories that beg for your stories. Like music does.


  • BFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2008
Solo Exhibitions:
  • Sharehaus Refugio, Berlin 2016
  • Word Jazz, Bad Koffee, Berlin 2015
  • Die Welt, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago 2014
  • ulteriori ombre (with Douglas Kearney), The Poetry Foundation, Chicago 2014
  • K.O:O.K, Letters Are My Friends gallery, Berlin 2014
  • Word Jazz, Mota Italic gallery, Berlin 2013
  • Typo Berlin featured artist, Berlin 2013
  • Various windows, Berlin 2013–2014
Group Exhibitions:
  • Peregrinacao, Fort Sagres, Portugal 2016
  • Berlin Graphic Days, Berlin, 2015
  • Nova Colonia, Berlin, 2015
  • Artesia, Mumbai 2015
  • Featured Artist, Colectivo Futuro, Berlin 2014
  • Kontakt#5, Glashaus Badeschiff, Berlin 2014
  • Comfort, Austro Sino Arts Program, Bejiing 2014
  • Venturi Effect, Interstizio Space, Venice 2014
  • The Spring Exhibition, Kunsthalle Charlottenborg, Copenhagen 2013
  • Write Now! New Directions in Letterforms, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago 2013
  • Calligraphy Workshops
  • Gothic and Basics, Artistic Series lectures, Berlin 2016
  • Breaking Good, Kunstschule Alsterdamm, Hamburg 2016
  • Intro to Calligraphy, ESDIP, Berlin 2016
  • with Make! Skilled Hands, Berlin 2015
  • Akademia Sztuk Pieknych w Gdansku, Gdansk, Poland 2015
  • On Point: An Introduction to Blackletter, TypoBerlin 2015, HKW, Berlin
  • Langsamkeit Schreiben (Slow Writing), Group Global 3000, Berlin 2014
  • - Intro / Abstraction in Calligraphy, TypoBerlin 2014, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
  • – Schönschrift Üben, Studio BlinkBlink, Berlin 2014

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