Fabio Melone

b 1984 Münsterlingen, Switzerland. Lives and works in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.


In my artistic work I experiment with different collage techniques. I work with elements such as old magazines, colored papers, tape and photographs.
It is important to me to create specific moods and transmit new stories to the viewer.

My travels around the world have been an exciting mix of new experiences with all kinds of people and a journey of self­ discovery. I use my work as an constant search to interpret my own ideas. With this artwork, I want to reinterpret the diversity of the human being. I use mixed media to show one of my greatest inspirations, the diversity of traditions in our environment. I deal with this theme through various faces, cultures and icons.

Old icon paintings fascinate me and I have interpreted the “spiritual” craft in a new way through the assembling and gluing of images. The result of this mashup artwork are strange and unexpected combinations.


Exhibitions 2016
  • Aussteller an der Grafik Schweiz Zürich (Group Exhibition)
  • 2015
  • Exhibitor at Grafik Schweiz Zürich (Group Exhibition)
  • Exhibitor at „Jungkunst“, Galerie am Leewasser, Brunnen - SZ
  • Art Charity „art box“ at Rost und Gold, Zürich (Solo Exhibition)
  • Design of flyer and poster for Kunstsalon, Zürich
  • „upload your art“
  •   2014
  • Member of artist group
  • 2012-2015
  • Holy Fashion Group / windsor. men
  • Junior Fashion Designer
  • Art further education - SKDZ School for art and design, Zürich
  • Culture travel, Southeast asia and Australia
  • 2008-2012
  • Holy Fashion Group, Purchaser (Textiles)
  • 2006-2007
  • Language study travel / culture travel - Melbourne, Australia
  • 2002-2005 
  • Business training
  • 1984 
  • Born in Münsterlingen TG, Switzerland
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