Federica Dauri

b Rome, Italy. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


I use the body as a multi-functional tool within different art practices such a performance, dance and sculptural installations.
My intention is to embody a corporal landscape that at the same time expresses carnality and rawness, as well as a disembodied and ethereal silhouette. This demonstrates not only a broadening approach to performance, but also to creative research.
I put to the forefront the feminine body in its entirety in order to investigate its transparency, its fragility, its strength, as well as the pulsation that animates it. Through a deep listening of the inner body a self-awareness is created that gives information about what a body is, what a body can do and how it can interact and build relations.
Further topics of my performances, installations, and movement classes are eroticism, carnality, pain, endurance, beauty, and ethereality.


Education and Training
  • 2008. High school degree: Classical-linguistic studies | Rome, Italy
  • from 2001 to 2007. National Academy of Dance: Ballet technique, modern and contemporary dance, choreographic composition | Rome, Italy
  • 2009. Five months intensive course with Trisha Brown: Choreographic composition, improvisation technique | New York, United States
  • from 2009 to 2010. Performing Art Center "Duncan 3.0": Contemporary dance technique, floorwork technique, butoh, mime, physical theater, performing art | Rome, Italy
  • since 2009. Akira Kasai: Butoh, eurythmy | Rome, Italy
  • since 2009. Masaki Iwana: Butoh | Normandy, France
  • from 2009 to 2015. Stefano Taiuti: Butoh, improvisation technique | Rome, Italy
  • October 2017 to current. Sculptural performance "O" | Berlin, Germany
  • Exhibition: - "Fluid" at Xavierlaboulbenne
  • March 2017 to current. "CorpOrale" | Berlin, Germany
  • Residency: - Spektrum, media art center (Bln, May 2017)
  • Presented: - Spektrum (Bln, June 2017)
  • October 2016 to current. "Topology of The Sonic Body: Duet for Body and Scanner"
  • Residency: - Akademie Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart, September 2016 and June 2017)
  • Presented: - DA Fest 2017, National Academy of Art (Sofia, October 2017, premiere)
  • May 2016 to October 2017. Touring for the album "Rub" by musician Peaches as a performer, dancer | European tour
  • March 2015 to October 2016. "Dissonanze" | Berlin, Germandy and Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Residencies: - Arena (Bln)
  • - OTI301 (Amst)
  • Exhibitions: - Raw Festival Frascati Theater (Amst, March 2015, premiere)
  • - Krake Festival, Kantine am Berghain (Bln, August 2015)
  • - Obscure Art Festival at Roast (Amst, January 2016)
  • - Arena (Bln, 2016)
  • - Album release party of Hyenaz (Bln, October 2016)
  • December 2015. Performer at "Christmas Calendar, Memories of Sade", Volksbühne, directions by Markus Öhrn | Berlin, Germany
  • September 2014 to current. Long duration installation "Corpus mobile" with Kiril Bikov | Berlin, Germany
  • Exhibitions: - Atelier Crossart, Berlin Art Week (September 2014)
  • - Atelier XXX (Berlin, December 2014)
  • - "Bodies", festival of body art (Berlin, February 2015)
  • - "49 Contemporary Artists", Enter Art Foundation (Berlin, October 2017)
  • July 2014 to current. Touring with the music band Bonaparte as performer, dancer | European tour
  • March to August 2013. "Pan:Ik" | Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Residencies: - STEIM, Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music (Amst)
  • - Dansmakers, dance production house (Amst)
  • - Transformatorio, multimedia art festival (Sicily, IT)
  • Presented: - Dansmakers (premiere)
  • - STEIM
  • - Cagliari's Dance Festival (Sardinia, IT)
  • - Dance Festival Montalbano (Sicily, IT)
  • September 2012 to December 2013. Collaboration with the Dutch sculptor Egon Schrama, creating two works:
  • "Mathematics of enclosure" | Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Residencies: - Dansmakers (Amst)
  • - Atelier Salon de Ijzerstaven (Amst)
  • Presented: - Salon de Ijzerstaven (Amst, premiere)
  • - Festival "I like to watch too" at July Dans (Amst)
  • - Theater Paradiso (Amst)
  • "Kheperer" | Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Residency: - Atelier Salon de Ijzerstaven (Amst)
  • Presented: - Amsterdam Art Weekend 2013
  • - "Transformazioni" Butoh festival, Theater Furio Camillo (Rome, IT)
  • April 2011 to July 2012. Dancer at Gabriellla Maiorino, Dance Company | Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Dance piece "Supernova" presented across the Netherlands and Italy: Eye Museum (Amst), Over Hey IJ Festival (Amst) and many others
  • January 2010 to January 2011. Dancer, Performer at Zeitgeist (Stefano Taiuti) | Rome, Italy
  • Participated in the performances "Electric Meat" and "Crudo"
  • July 2008. Ugo Dell'Ara, National Academy of Dance | Rome, Italy
  • Dancer for the piece "Excelsior" presented at the Academy of Dance in Rome (AND) during the summer festival of the Academy
  • February 2013 to current. Teacher of butoh and performing art
  • Workshops in
  • OTI301 (Amsterdam)
  • Papaver Studio (Amsterdam)
  • MTD (Amsterdam)
  • Spektrum (Berlin)
  • Agora Move (Berlin)
  • Mamma Testa (Rome)
  • Teaching the theater company of Darren Smith regularly (Berlin)

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