Felix Höfner

b 1971 Hamburg, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin.


Felix Höfner has been living in Berlin, since the mid -1990s.
He has experimented with various media arts.
Six years ago, he decided to prioritize the subject of plastic.

The affiliation (togetherness) of the contradictory,
the reality of the dissonant, is a basic concept of Felix H.
Marked by the material he chooses.

REFLECTION/SATISFACTION is an supportive „ tourette “ scratching/etching on mirrors.
„ depends on theme and day “ ( example „ SELF – EMBRACE )

“GOOD NIGHT“ ( example „ GOOD NIGHT 02 “ ) crocheted barbwire cloud „ sheep“,
representing borders, the fleeing from, escaping as in


Solo exhibitions
  • 2016 „Gute nacht und auf Wiedersehen “ 02, Berlin
Selected group exhibitions
  • 2014 Kolibri Berlin
  • 2016 Bernheimer Contemporary, Munich
  • 2017 Anna Laudel Contemporary, Istanbul Bernheimer Contemporary, Berlin
Art in public spaces
  • 2016 „Felix 07“ städtische Kliniken Osnabrück

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