Giuditta R

b 1984 Messina, Italy. Lives and works in Berlin.


I create most of my artworks by using pencils (graphite) and mixed techniques on cardboard. Drawing inspiration from avant-garde Expressionism, New Figuration by Francis Bacon, cinema (thriller-horror), contemporary photography, as well as from crime archives.
The artworks are generally created in black and white (pencil-support). Only little particulars are underlined, in each artwork, colored glitter, shiny sequins and little objects, emerging drastically or with difficulty, from each representation. This choice is meant to give a key for reading which brakes with the classic way of drawing.
-”…small details that shine in the obscurity, bright jewels, hamlets, lucky charms, indicating hope for a future of consciousness. These bright elements symbolize the eyes of conscience and give light to the shadow…”-
Looking at the series of drawings is like entering an ancestor’s gallery. The spectator’s visions, mainly of “childish/ghosts”, are overwhelmed by something unexpected, restless, and staggering. Faces of “youngsters” often portrayed in frontal positions, stare at the viewer, arousing a sense of awe and submission. In this manner, one enters a dark fairy-tale where heroic children – that recall those from the Grimm Brothers’ tales – intend to save us from ogres’ and witches’ violence, thereby adopting cruel methods themselves, likewise becoming tormentors and victims.
These protagonists let appear deep psychological features which become mysterious, that turn them into messengers of the surfacing subconscious, something that all cultures seem to have in common.
Through my exhibitions, I often came to realize that these artworks can strike people of different cultures in a quite similar way, by communicating to a profound layer of perception that belongs to all human beings and that goes beyond cultural barriers. In front of these artworks the observer is being “touched on an emotionally deep level”, …“it seems that these artworks knew quite a few things about them …”
Generally this collection of beings, signed by scars and trauma, describes the singular development of the human in a society which is passing through a crisis, rooted in the lack of spirituality.
In this manner, this project aims to be a deep reflection on spiritual evolution and self-awareness.


  • 2003-08: Master with First Class Honours, Academy of Fine Arts, Catania - IT
  • Exhibitions
    • ”Vanessa's Room” - solo exhibition – Cultural centre Umanitaria, Milan – IT (june 2017)
    • ”Personal Phenomena” - Solo exhibition with fashion show – Palazzo dei duchi di Santo Stefano,Taormina – Italy – Media Partner Lazagne Magazine (july-august 2017)
    • Cooperation with japanese designers Keisuke Hirose & Kohei Lino for new brand Keiisu (2016-17)
    • Solo exhibition at Soncino Castle – curated by art collector Vincenzo Zuccaro and Mosè Previti, Cremona - IT (march 2018)
    • Solo Exhibitions
      • 2017: ”Vanessa's Room” - curated by Milo Goj - Cultural centre Umanitaria, Milan – IT ”Personal Phenomena” - curated by Mosè Previti - Palazzo dei duchi di Santo Stefano, Taormina - IT
      • 2016: ”Strange Brew”, curated by Britannie Seaton - Heike Arndt Gallery, Berlin - DE Private solo exhibition at Danmarks Nationalbank – Copenhagen - DK ”Vanessa's Room”, curated by Mosé Previti – Antonello Palace (Palacultura), Messina - IT
      • 2015: “Vanessa's Room” Oxholm Gallery, Copenhagen – DK "Our shadows will dance" Palazzo Monte di Pietá, Messina - IT "Our shadows will dance" Atelier Residency Villa R, Messina – IT
      • 2014: “Treasures” Heike Arndt Gallery, Berlin - DE
      • 2013: “Drops of Madness” Oxholm Gallery, Copenhagen - DK
      • 2012: “Drops of Madness” Damp Gallery, Copenhagen – DK
      • 2011: “Drops of Madness" Sala Dogana, Palazzo Ducale, Institute of Contemporary Art, Genoa – IT
      • 2010: SAK Kunstforening, Centre of Contemporary Art, Svendborg – DK
      Selected Group Exhibitions
      • 2017: Transformart Festival - Berlin - DE My personal choice - Heike Arndt Gallery, Berlin - DE
      • 2016: Armory Week at M1-5, organized by Conception Events, New York – USA Art Lab - Heike Arndt Gallery, Kettinge – DK International exhibition – Le Dame Art Gallery, London - UK Ricoh Prize 2016, award exhibition at Oberdan Space, Milan – IT Eastern Front/Eastern Meridian - International - Casarsa della Delizia – IT Sergio Fadriani Prize 2016, award exhibition at Palazzo Ducale, Genova – IT
      • 2015: "Backtaloget", Gallery Oxholm, Copenhagen - DK “Art-Lab" Gallery Heike Arndt, Kettinge, DK “La Realtá e la Materia” Scalvini Museum, Milan – IT “Nuova generazione” LAB Forma - Museo dell'Argilla (Clay Museum), Messina - IT
      • 2014: Copenhagen Art Fair - Oxholm Gallery – DK “Opdagelser” Heike Arndt Gallery Kettinge - DK “Fresh legs", Heike Arndt Gallery, Berlin - DE “Pretty-Ugly” Uamo Festival, Munich - DE “What a wonderful world" Nees Udstilling - Old school of Nees - DK “Psychogram" - curated by Uwe Goldenstein, Oxholm Gallery - Copenhagen - DK
      • 2013: UAMO Festival, Munich - DE “Eye can draw”, Tijana Miskovic Show Room, Copenhagen – DK
      • 2011-13: Biennale JCE - Jeune Création Européenne, international moving show, Paris, Klaïpeda - Lithuania, Hamburg – Germany, Batislava - Slovachia, Pecs - Hungery, Salzburg - Austria, Amarante - Portugal
      • 2012: “Spejlinger”, Museum Lolland Falster - DK “Lys over Lolland”, yearly international, Museum Lolland Falster - DK Herning Art Fair - DAMP Gallery - DK IMAFestival, National Museum of Science and Technology, Milan – IT
      • 2011: “De dødes dag": Damp Gallery – Copenhagen, DK “The Garden of Culture", Institute of Culture, Messina - IT “Generous Gestures" Den Frie Udstillingsbygning (Centre of Contemporay Art) - Copenhagen - DK
      • 2010: “Christmas Sales”, Freies Museum, Berlin - DE “Fata Morgana", Gallery Meno Parkas, Kaunas - LT “Start - Mail Art Project", Gallery of Art and Design Patricia Muñoz – Barcelona - ES “Christmas Palm" unique urban art project. Freies Museum and other locations, Berlin - DE
      • 2009: "Fairy Tales, young artists from Wonderland”, Antonio Battaglia Gallery, Milan - IT “Summer time”, Christoffer Egelund Gallery – Copenhagen - DK “Present Art”curated by Lucio Barbera, Vittorio Emanuele Theatre, Messina – IT

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