Jan Herdlicka

b 1987 Dachau, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin.


My artistic roots lie in analogue black and white photography.
For years I exclusively chose this medium and tried to extend my boundaries with it via experimental approaches such as long and multi exposures or chemical manipulation processes. Quickly I noticed that my interest in photography as a means to picture reality were limited and that I furthermore tried to use the different techniques to create new topics, aesthetics and compositions. Many of my works from around 2013 could be described as being dreamlike and surrealistic. Content wise these times were dominated by the search for forgotten days und the impossibility to stop time from disappearing. Losing every single moment of my life and working with the recycled and recombined products that are called memories has always been one of my key interests.
The way back to colour photography which I started to reconnect to in 2015 also marked a general artistic extension when it comes to content, techniques and the use of different media.
Since that time I focussed more and more on the ever-changing relation between humans, nature and technology. My strong interest in ecology and utopian concepts and topics such as climate change, the anthropocene or terraforming began to play a dominant role in my artistic approaches that since then included colour photography, collage and installations.
Besides my artistic work I finished a masters program of cultural history with a thesis on „technological utopia and ecological consciousness in the arts of the 20. century“ which was supervised by the German art historian Christoph Asendorf in April 2017.


  • 2017 „MESSWERK I/DER BOTE I“ Nautilus Zwei, Drei Raum Berlin
  • 2017 "RE:KONSTRUKT III" LoosenArtGallery Rom
  • 2017 „LUNAR/DER BOTE I“ Nautilus Bootshaus Berlin
  • 2017 "MISTELSTAND" O-Mato IV Berlin
  • 2016 "RE:KONSTRUKT“ O-Mato II München
  • 2016 "RE:KONSTRUKT" O-Mato I Berlin
  • 2016 "RE:KONSTRUKT" "Berlin Kommt" Lübeck
  • 2016 "Arkadia" Blender&Co 48h Neukölln Berlin
  • 2016 "Arkadia" AnalogueNow Berlin
  • 2015 "RE:KONSTRUKT" "Wire Arts Experiment" Berlin
  • 2015 "AMS I" "Borders" Studio Twins Berlin
  • 2014 "We are Berlin" IheartBerlin 7th Anniversary Berlin
  • 2013 "Riot" PhotocopyClub Doomed Gallery Dalston London
  • 2013 "Unterholz" Werkstatt München
  • 2012 "Untergrund" Orkanen Malmö
  • 2012 "Käfige" Artconnect (48h Neukölln) Berlin
  • 2012 "Käfige" Studio B Berlin
  • 2011 "Stadtmomente" Huldigung der Künste Berlin
  • 2010 "Stadtmomente" Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Berlin
Publications/Interviews (selection):
  • ELLE, Süddeutsche Zeitung, BBC, Berliner Zeitung, Radio
  • Fritz, I heart Berlin, ArtConnect Berlin, Tagesspiegel, SWR

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