Jan Kuck


Jan Kuck

b. 1978 in Hanover, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin. 

At first he studied law, then later history and philosophy, in which he obtained in 2012 a master’s degree. Since 1999 Kuck has been occupying himself intensively with a self-study in designing objects, as well as the production of conceptual art. 

Kuck’s intention is to illustrate a humorous critical point of view. His focus lies on conceptional and performance art. This can be expressed through criticism of the unreflected awkward decadence of our current society or even by playful constructions of reality. His ideas and conceptual art are expressed through different kinds of media: sculpture, installation, video works, performance and design. In addition to the philosophical foundation of his work he also attaches great importance to an aesthetically immaculate presentation. 

Kuck’s artworks are a mirror of his biography. At first he studied law, leaving shortly before his first state examination, because the stiff environment would have led him into insanity. The logical outcome for Kuck was to engage in the studies of philosophy and history in order to understand how artistic approaches can be transformed into concepts and performances. His master’s thesis in philosophy considered the question, how the standard of living is affected by the money paradigm of our economic systems. 


2016 (September)
ART WEEK Berlin, different Locations

2016 (September – October)
WIDERKUNST, hosted by Holzmarkt Berlin, inspired by Viva con Agua, presented by Millerntor Gallery

2016 (November – Januar 2017) ARACHNE – tim Museum Augsburg

2016 (August – September)
Ansbach Contemporary- 1st Biennale for Contempoary Art at the residential city Ansbach

2016 (July – September)
PLASTIC Obsession – Umweltbundesamt, Dessau

2016 (Juli – August)
ARACHNE – during la Biennale di Venezia – 15th Intl. Architecture Exhibition @ Arsenale Docks, Venice

2016 (April – June)
What would you die for? – Bernheimer Contemporary @ Residenz Monbijou, Berlin

2016 (February – April)
Re ection . self-re ection – Bernheimer Contemporary @ Residenz Monbijou, Berlin

2015 (December)
Berlin and Munich in artistic dialogue – m+projekt Kunstraum, Munich

2015 (November – December)
THE TASTE OF ADDICTION – Bernheimer Contemporary @ Residenz Monbijou, Berlin

2015 (December)
nice from far from nice – Pop-Up Restaurant with Bernheimer Contemporary & Moritz von Hohenzollern – Munich

2015 (November)
PIN. Freunde der Pinakothek der Moderne e.V. – 13. BENEFIZAUKTION 2015

2015 (October)
HIGHLIGHTS International Art Fair Munich – Gallery Bernheimer / Colnaghi, Munich/London

2015 (July – August)
Who Cares? Social Responsibility in Contemporary Art – Bernheimer Contemporary @ Residenz Monbijou, Berlin


BERNHEIMER CONTEMPORARY GmbH art solutions & projects Oranienburgerstr 32 – 10117 Berlin / Germany

2014 (November)
HIGHLIGHTS International Art Fair Munich – Gallery Bernheimer / Colnaghi, Munich/London

2014 (September)
VANTIAS – Bernheimer Contemporary as guest at Bernheimer Fine Old Masters, Munich

2014 (May – August)
The T.TABLE II – Q110 – Die Deutsche Bank der Zukunft, Berlin

2013 (October – November) The T.TABLE I – JRGallery, Berlin

2012 (May – June)
PACKET-SOUP – SAVVY Contemporary Gallery, Berlin

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