Ji Eun Lee

Seoul, South Korea. Lives and works in Düsseldorf.


In my practice, I mainly work with sculpture. In my sculptures, I use various materials: bronze, plaster, silicone, and even usual materials from daily life. I attempt to question the visualization of the the invisible quality found in a variety of spaces -from spaces humans inhabit, to the space in between the walls, cracks in the floor, or the hollowness in an object. These spaces are easily forgotten and I’m trying to reflect these areas in my work.
For example, I create an installation using plaster and plastic bags to accentuate the empty feeling and the borderline between the interior and the exterior. I spread the plaster with a brush on a blowed plastic vinyl bag; the more plaster I put on it, the easier it becomes to see the form of it. When I remove the vinyl, the layer becomes clearly visible and it reflects both the inside and the outside of character.
As another example, I fill with some materials like clay or silicone the small holes in a weaved basket made of bamboo or willow branches. With this work I point out the structure of the surface, which is created by repeatedly filling the empty spaces.


  • 2009 Sculpture, BA & MA, Kookmin University, South Korea
  • 2015 Sculpture, Kunstakademie Duesseldorf, Class Hoernschemeyer, Duesseldorf, Germany 2015 Fine Art, University of Arts Bremen, Bremen, Germany
Solo Exhibitions
  • 2015 Studies for between spaces, Alternative Space Noon, Suwon, Korea
  • 2014 One night stand, Immigration Office, Bremen, DE
  • 2009 Boundary of skin, Artspace Hyun, Seoul, Korea
Group Exhibitions
  • 2018 Sinngefüge, Biesenbach Gallery, Cologne, Germany
  • 2018 augenfällig/fresh positions, BBK Kunstforum, Duesseldorf, Germany
  • 2018 Juxtaposition, Biesenbach Gallery, Cologne, Germany
  • 2017 unbunt-achromatic, Biesenbach Gallery, Cologne, Germany
  • 2017 Arbeitstitel-Akademie, Kunsthalle Duesseldorf, Germany
  • 2017 EAF-50 Contemporary Artists, Enter Art Foundation, Multipolster store, Berlin,Germany
  • 2017 Die Große, Cooperation Class Hörnschemeyer, Kunstpalast Duesseldorf, Germany 10.2016 Hogan Lovells Preis, Hogan Lovells International LLP Duesseldorf
  • 2016 Cosmic Tune, Boui Boui Bilk, Duesseldorf
  • 2015 LOT-Lack of Transmission, Detroit (US) and Toronto (CA)
  • 2014 Landgaenge, Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst Bremen
  • 2014 Belebung der toten Winkel, Zeitraumexit, Mannheim
  • 2014 Eintagausstellung-renew waste, reduce think, Galerie Flut, Bremen 08.2013 12 plus 9 –continued, Artdocks, Bremen
  • 2013 High On Visualart, Hutchins Gallery, Brookville New York
  • 2013 12 plus 9 –Fruehe Netzwerke, Staedische Galerie, Bremen
  • 2013 grooop, OMS Art Gallery, New York
  • 2011 SOOT, Klassenausstellung, GaDeWe, Bremen
  • 2009 SHA SHA, GongPyung Art Center, Seoul
  • 2009 B108, Kookmin Art Gallery, Seoul
  • 2008 Transfer, Gallery Ho, Seoul
  • 2008 ASYAAF, old main trainstation in Seoul
  • 2008 SFX Sound Art festival-2008 seoul Radio
  • 2008 Falling Slowly, Grau Gallery, Seoul
  • 2007 Artist DIY Manual, alternative space Miccle, Seoul
  • 2007 Youngster 2, Gallery Young, Seoul
  • 2017 Nominated for Blooom award 2017 by Warsteiner, Germany
  • 2016 Featured Works_Zucker Art Collection, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2015 DAAD Matching Fund Scholarship, Bremen, Germany
  • 2014 Grand prix, Poster_concept and inspiration, Pathfinder Award, South Korea 2011 1.prize_Hochschulprize, Hochschule für Künste Bremen, Germany

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