João Pirolla

b 1981 São Paulo - Brazil. Lives and works in São Paulo.


João Pirolla constructs from the urban

environment, characters and scenes for his painting, using as raw material, the

inhabitants of the big cities, sometimes visible and invisible, bringing to his work a

lot of thematic pluralism and Aesthetics. It can be said that João resorts the

anguish that the city and its relations provide, the nihilism so prevailing and the

addiction in pubs and corners, as a plastic mass that when given form to it, strikes

us with life and its contradictions. His art is capable of taking us from our private

universe, starting from the urban environment, to the universal, from what it is to be


The restlessness of the artist materializes in a consistent and systematized

production. Pirolla continues studying and developing several types of techniques:

pencil, ink, acrylic and oil, but has been directed to the use and study of ink on

canvas as his master means of expression.

Expression that evolves.To accompany it´s development is to keep up with the

development of a subjective view that turns to the present world, a look that can

show us what our own eyes may not have been able to capture, or even reframe

the already seen. So let Pirolla’s eyes show us a world we can not see by

ourselves, let his work show us the other faces of the human being, of the urban

being and the city.

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