Johanna Keimeyer

b 1982 Filderstadt. Lives and works in Berlin.


“I strive to create intimate experiences for the viewer to participate and become part of the artwork. I want to give people this amazing live immersion that combines architecture, light, video, scent, sound and most important the viewer’s own inner universe.”

My focus is to invite people to become part of the artwork and create a participatory felt experience. I am interested in the feelings and inner world of the audience. How to make feelings visible and how does the audience experience this? My mission is to connect people through culture in all of its multidisciplinary forms and to create ground-breaking innovation in art and site specific immersive experiences. My installations are precious spaces, “Gesamtkunstwerke” that invite the audience to engage in memorable and transformative experiences and to ask deeper questions about life, living and fundamental values. I want to connect all ages and generations with my art, without a constraining sense of time. In my installations, I offer a new perspective and frame of perception for the viewer to connect with their deeper feelings and experiences. Combining cutting edge technology, with the philosophy of forging links between art, fashion and design is my guiding path. A diverse training over the past decade has allowed me to build immersive art installations such as BREATH ing HEART and THE FACE WITHIN as a multidisciplinary effort that engages all of the senses and includes the audience. I invite the visitors to take a seat, to perceive their bodies and emotions, to allow all existence and to step back. A touch.

“I set a point, no question mark, no exclamation mark. One point.”
“It‘s about giving up conditioning, looking behind the scenes. What is there?.”


  • Education
  • UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS BERLIN (UdK) Berlin, Germany , Diplom Designer Product- and fashion design graduation (Oct 2007 - Mar 2012)
  • RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL OF DESIGN (RISD), Providence, USA, Digital Media MFA Program, Scholarship exchange student (Sept - Mar
  • 2012)
  • MIT MEDIA LAB, Boston, USA “Outer Space, Inner Space“ Studio Course (Sept - Jan 2012)
  • TAMA ART UNIVERSITY, Tokyo, Japan Product design, Photography, Scholarship exchange student (Mar - Aug 2009)
  • Solo Exhibition
  • 2016 POOL AROUND ME underwater photography Rooftop Gallery by Farmani, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Group Exhibition
  • 2018 DROWNING TRASHURE –SHELL ocean plastic sculpture and video installation, WoMA Window of Modern Art, Berlin (Sept-Oct
  • 2018 DROWNING TRASHURE — TANK Monumenta, Leipzig, Germany (Sept-Oct)
  • 2018 DEATH OF THE MOMENT video projection Leo Kuelbs Collection, Brooklyn, NY (July)
  • 2018 THE FACE WITHIN Uferstudios for contemporary dance, Berlin, Germany (June)
  • 2017 BREATH ING HEART giant heart installation with light, video, scent and sound, Art Basel Switzerland
  • 2016 A NEW DAWN dance performance and light installation, historical swimming hall Hotel Oderberger, Berlin, Germany
  • 2016 POOL AROUND ME underwater photography  Hotel Oderberger, Berlin, Germany
  • 2015 SPACE, MOTION AND COMMUNITY performance with Jonah Bokaer and Stavros  Gasparatos, Boisbuchet, France
  • 2015 GALLERY WEEKEND BERLIN, photo exhibition at Kino International Kunst (May)
  • 2014 Video projection EVERYTHING IS ILLUSION at Manhattan Bridge Anchorage, Dumbo, New York, Festival of Lights NYC (Nov)
  • 2013 NARCISSISM NOW Videoprojection and performance, Cabochon Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2013 Video installation, Artist Residency Thaillywood, Thailand, for Taittinger
  • 2013 CONNECTED CREATIVITY Bangkok Arts and Cultural Center, BACC Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2012 EVERYTHING IS ILLUSION video installation performance, Oderberger Stadtbad Berlin Germany, World Water Day of UNO 2012,
  • graduation work
  • 2012 Exhibition, Artist Residency TWS, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2011 BOTTLESHIP for Songs of the Sea, National Glass Centre, Sunderland, UK
  • 2011 TRASHURE 2 for Luminous Times – Sustainable Architecture, cooperation Vitra Design Museum and Centre Pompidou, Boisbuchet,
  • France
  • 2008 TRASHURE 2 for Adventure with Objects Pinacoteca Agnelli (Museum), Turin, Italy
  • Art Collections: Johanna Keimeyer’s work is in the art collections of Hugues and Marie Taittinger (Champagne Brand France), Petch
  • Osathanugrah (O Museum Bangkok), Alexander von Vegesack (former Vitra Design Museum Director), Lucas Verweij, Leo Kuelbs Collection
  • and more. She worked together with Ingo Maurer (light designer), Humberto and Fernando Campana (furniture designer Brazil), Bart Hess
  • (designer), Felix Kubin (musician) Sven Helbig (composer), Sevil Peach (architect), Jonah Bokaer (choreographer), Sissel Tolaas (olfactive
  • designer) to name a few and for two years she worked for Vitra (Herman Miller in the US).
  • Talks / Lectures:
  • 2018 GALLERY WEEKEND BERLIN,  Studio Lo, Artist talk and screening of BREATH ing HEART documentary, (May)
  • 2017 UNIVERSITY OF ART AND DESIGN, BURG GIEBICHENSTEIN Halle, Lecture about multimedia interdisciplinary works with water,
  • Jour Fixe, Germany (Nov),  SPRING STUDIOS NYC, Artist talk and screening of BREATH ing HEART
  • documentary with panel discussion by Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim (HG Contemporary) and Adrian Madlener (TL Magazine), USA (Sept) ,
  • SOHO HOUSE BERLIN, Artist talk and screening of BREATH ing HEART documentary with panel discussion by Mikolaj Sekutowicz (Kiev Art
  • Week) and Monica Salazar (Berlin Art Link), Germany (Sept)
  • Awards:
  • 2018 INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARD (IDA), Gold, Architecture Institutional
  • 2010 FACES OF DESIGN AWARD (FoD), Best Online Portfolio
  • 2009 INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARD (IDA), first place: Lighting Design
  • Selected Publications:
  • 2018 ATELIERBESUCHE, Germany, online, print (Nov)
  • 2017 TELE BASEL, Basel, TV, TL MAGAZINE, USA, online ART TV, Switzerland, online

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