Johannes Retschke

b 1989 Erfurt, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin.


It’s not easy to single out the creative direction of Johannes Retschke’s work. Born in the German town of Erfurt in 1989, and spending his childhood in the region of Lausitz, the self-taught artist sustained his interest in graphic design and it’s adaptations in music, art and advertising from a young age. After relocating to Bonn in 2007 and moving to Cologne shortly after, his interest in the field advanced further. Through his auto-didactical application of digital media, he modulated his skills as he continued, finally leading to his first commissions in cultural events and music performances. To the present day, his aim is set on utilizing graphic elements and photography – made by him or others – as well as using effects in photo editing to create entirely new pieces rather than using raw images. Cutting, screening, blending, and layering the parts of a picture are ultimately combined to create something new entirely. Nowadays the artist, who is currently living in Berlin, focuses on collage work, whereby he imitates ideas of abstract paintings as well as creating photographic landscapes in which both the real and surreal are distinguishable by mere nuances.

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  • Exhibitions 
  • 2018 Breites Spektrum - Berlin - DE
  • 2017 50 Contemporary Artists by Enter Art Foundation - Multiposter - Berlin - DE 
  • 2016 Polyrhythmik - Museum für verwandte Kunst - Cologne - DE

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Works by Johannes Retschke