Jorge Pinzón Casasbuenas

b 1972 Colombia . Lives and works in Oaxaca, Mexico.


My work inquires and reflects on how processes of enculturation in actual times are influential in the construction of our sense of identity both individually and collectively. More importantly how processes of enculturation can affect the awareness of ourselves as transcendent beings.
Important sources to me are found in the review of the way ancient cultures understand universal interconnection, readings on compared mythology, syncretism, cultural hybridization and studies related to society of consumerism and cultural anthropology.
Those are crucial conceptual tools for me to create a visual system, by the choosing and articulation of visual fragments, signs and symbols which cross over times and cultures to portray the paradoxical yet complex coordinates that the human spirit faces when meeting with the forces of a culture that might mislead its path toward self awareness.


  • @jorgepinzon_visual_artist


    Universidad Piloto de Colombia, Area of interest / Urban Semiotics, 2000
  • December 2012 Quit Paradise Find Heaven, Palace of Government Museum, Oaxaca
  • May 2010 Festival Humanitas (Representing Colombia), Arte de Oaxaca Gallery, Oaxaca
  • December 2009 Alicia en el País del Octavo Mole, Arte de Oaxaca Gallery, Oaxaca
  • October 2008 Cartas Para Sorprender al Dragón , Arte de Oaxaca Gallery, Oaxaca
  • October 2007 Los Mapas de Jonás en la Ballena, Arte de Oaxaca Gallery, Oaxaca
  • December 2006 Caballo de Palo Project, Arte de Oaxaca Gallery, Oaxaca
  • July 2002 Biblioteca Elvira Cape, XXI Caribbean Festival of the Arts, Santiago de Cuba
Collective Exhibitions
  • November 2012 Fiesta del Maiz y El Maguey, European Program of Culture, Chapter Europe-Oaxaca for Cultural Transformation (2007-2013), Santo Domingo Cultural Center, Oaxaca
  • October 2012 Amor al Cubo, Museo de los Pintores Oaxaqueños, Oaxaca
  • October 2011 1er Festival de Artes Visuales (Puntos DE Encuentro), Museo del Palacio, Oaxaca
  • May 2011 Festival Humanitas, Galeria 910, Oaxaca
  • December 2008 Latin American Painters, H.C Andersen Hotel, Copenhagen
  • December 2007 Art Basel Miami, Miami
  • December 2007 Entijuanarte 2007, Tijuana
  • June 2007 Tribute to Antonieta Rivas Mercado, Santo Domingo Cultural Complex, Oaxaca
  • December 2006 Expoibero II 25 Latin American Painters, Barcelona
  • August 2006 Contemporary Ballet of Oaxaca Auction, Instituto de Artes Graficas de Oaxaca IAGO, Oaxaca
  • July 2006 Integrarte, Madrid
  • March 2006 Nueva Plastica Oaxacueña, Museo de los Pintores Oaxaqueños, Oaxaca
  • Agosto 2005 Expoibero Latin American Painters, Barcelona
  • July 2005 Punto y Línea Art Gallery, Oaxaca
  • March 2005 Punto y Línea Art Gallery, Oaxaca
  • May 2003 40th Anniversary Exhibition, Universidad Piloto de Colombia, Bogota
  • February 2003 Guadalupe Arts Center, Austin
  • July 2002 International Salon XXI Caribbean Festival of the Arts (invited to represent Colombia), Santiago de Cuba

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