Katarina Lundberg

b 1986 Uppsala, Sweden. Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.


There are places in the world where I perceive painting that I want to express. It is often a result of solitary late-night wanderings, where I gather and discover connections, encountering new spaces and constellations that emerge and disappear in the city. I take photographs for future paintings, and film or collect objects to later use in my work.

In places for production, such as workshops and construction sites, objects, materials and machines are left where they are when work temporarily stops. This absence of people but presence of activity leaves a stillness I wish to convey in painting.

The space is meant to be seen from the direct gaze of the audience, not through a depicted subject. This then allows the objects, lines and colours to inhabit the space, like the expanded painting that I myself glimpse in these environments.

The fact that the paintings take a long time to complete creates an inherent value for me, which also occurs in the transmutation which happens when the photographs I work from become paintings. Everything has been depicted with meticulous attention, and there is something nice in looking at something so carefully, when the habit is usually the opposite. Through the time that is invested and the precise execution, I experience that the places and objects presence becomes more defined.

  • The change that is continuously ongoing around us becomes tangible in environments that in themselves make visible transformations, and I then begin to comprehend the enormous timespans that are contained within these hours of labour and chains of manufacturing. Here it becomes transparent how parts join together into structures, to realize that everything around us is constructed.  

  • cargocollective.com/katarinalundberg


  • 2014-2017 Konstfack BFA, Stockholm
  • 2011-2013 Strykejernets kunstskole, Oslo
Solo Exhibitions
  • 2019 Ingela S Gallery, Stockholm
  • 2018 Highway, Studio17, Stavanger
  • 2017 Surroundings, Studentkårskalleriet, Konstfack, Stockholm
  • 2017 P2, Konstfack, Stockholm
  • 2017 UR PRODUKTION, A10, Konstfack, Stockholm
  • 2014 En gång i Oslo, Galleri Kunstgress, Oslo
Group Exhibitions (Selected)
  • 2018 42 Contemporary Artists + The Enter Art Foundation Collection, Berlin
  • 2018 26 Contemporary Artists I EAF at Stockholm Art Week, Epicenter, Stockholm
  • 2018 Vårsalongen, Liljevalchs, Stockholm
  • 2017 Konstfack Spring Show, Konstfack, Stockholm
  • 2016 The Monumental White Cube-ish Desire, Konstfack, Stockholm
  • 2015 The Park Is Open, Konstfack, Stockholm
  • 2014 Ung Salong, Uppsala konstmuseum, Uppsala
  • 2014 Stipendutstilling, Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo
  • 2013 Stipendutstilling, Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo
  • 2013 TICK, utställning med Peder Horneland, Galleri Brenneriet, Oslo
  • 2019 Handelsanställdas förbund, Culture grant
  • 2018 Swedish Arts Grants Committee, one year working grant
  • 2018 Nordic Culture Point, Mobility Funding
  • 2018 Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse
  • 2017 Otto Sköld, Konstakademien
  • 2016 Ulla Fröberg-Cramérs Stipendiestiftelse

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Works by Katarina Lundberg