Kerstin Dzewior

b 1975 Berlin. Lives and works in Berlin.


In my paintings I react to what I see, think and feel.

I am a painter and have been managing a specialist optician store in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg for 15 years. My studio is integrated right into the store, as “Painting means learning to see“, for me.

I decided to start showing my paintings in public in 2014, since then I have had the great honor to exhibit together with well-known artists.

In 2015 I co-founded the artist community “FO YOU“. Since then I organize and curate large exhibitions on a regular basis, as well as continue to paint.



  • Group Exhibitions:
  • 2019 UNDER THE UNDERGROUND, Galerie Franzkowiak, Berlin, Germany
  • 2018 "rt5" Kunstauktion Berlin, Goldberg Saal im Ludwig Erhard Haus, Berlin, Germany  
  • 2018 FO YOU V, Berlin, Germany
  • 2018 NGORONGORO II, the exhibition was initiated by Christian Achenbach, Jonas Burgert, Zhivago Duncan, Andrej Golder, John Isaacs, Andreas Mühe and David Nicholson, Berlin, Germany
  • 2017 "rt5" Kunstauktion Berlin, Atrium der Deutschen Bank, Berlin, Germany
  • 2017 FO YOU IV, Voluntary Art Liaison, Berlin, Germany
  • 2017 Schlachthaus.fresh&fine art @ SevenStarGallery, initiated by Constanze Kleiner and Stephan von Wiese, Berlin, Germany
  • 2017 Enter Art Foundation, initiated by Suzy Royal and Till Wald, Berlin, Germany
  • 2016 FO YOU II & III, Voluntary Art Liaison, Berlin, Germany
  • 2015 FO YOU I, Voluntary Art Liaison, Berlin, Germany
  • 2014 Giftshop // 58 Kunstwerke // Bar Babette, initiated by Constanze Kleiner, Berlin, Germany

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