Kiril Bikov

b 1986 Bourgas, Bulgaria. Lives and works in Berlin.


Born in Bourgas, Bulgaria, Kiril Bikov moved to Sofia at the age of seventeen, and studied Visual Arts in the New Bulgarian University. Specializing in photography, his Bachelor’s degree explored a diverse range of artistic mediums, including: spatial interventions, performance art, installation, and mixed-media work.

Bikov’s recent work reflects a critical engagement with his interests in thanatology (the study of death), Judeo-Christian mysticism, eroticism, and allegorical critiques of anthropocentrism. He has contributed with his photographs and performances to exhibitions in art spaces and festivals across Europe.


  • @kiril.bikov


  • 2004-2008  Visual arts at New Bulgarian University
Solo Exhibitions:
  • 2008 Obscurophobia, New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2011 Kiril Bikov and Valentina Bardazzi, AKA Gallery, Berlin, Germany
  • 2012 Natura Obscura, Studio 33, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2014 Eros, Cross Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Selected Group Exhibitions: 
  • 2013 Warehaus9, Warehaus9, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2013 Undogmatisch, Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin,Germany
  • 2014 Mater Materia, La Ultima Cena, Berlin,Germany
  • 2014 Tokyo Book Art Fair, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2014 Undogmatisch, Urban spree Gallery, Berlin, Germany
  • 2015 Manifestation of The Personal, Vaska Emanuilova Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2015 Wake me from this dream, The Ballery, Berlin ,Germany
  • 2015 Winter Art Fair, The Ballery, Berlin, Germany
  • 2015 Nude, The Ballery, Berlin, Germany
  • 2015 Heat, The Ballery, Berlin, Germany
  • 2015 Around the world in 30 days, The Ballery, Berlin, Germany
  • 2016 Saints and Sinners, The Ballery, Berlin, Germany
  • 2016 Skin, The Ballery, Berlin, Germany
  • 2016 ENTER ART FOUNDATION, Art Basel, Basel, Schwizerland
  • 2016 ENTER ART FOUNDATION, Berlin Art Week, Berlin, Germany
  • 2017 ENTER ART FOUNDATION, Berlinale, Berlin, Germany
  • 2017 Enter ART FOUNDATION, Berlin Gallery Weekend, Berlin, Germany
  • 2017 Kantgarage, Berlin, Germany
  • 2017 White Love, The Ballery
  • 2018 ENTER ART FOUNDATION, Stockholm Art Week, Stockholm, Sweden
Performance and installation work:
  • 2011 L histoire de l’oeil, Borderline Biennale, Lyon, France
  • 2011 The two of us, Borderline Biennale, Lyon, France
  • 2012 Edges are always colder, AKA Gallery, Berlin,Germany
  • 2014 Corpus Mobile, Cross Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany
  • 2015 It might be your next Deja Vu, Urbanspree, Berlin, Germany
  • 2015 Love Feast, Vaska Emanuilova Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2015 Wir sind die Gutten, Volksbühne, Berlin, Germany
Video work:

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