Lizette Abraham

b 1982 Mérida Yucatán, Mexico. Lives and works in Mexico City.

“Imaginarios desaparecidos” (Missing Imaginaries)


In her series “Missing Imaginaries” the artist denounces a truth that hides behind the fabrics weaved by illusion and disillusion. She plays with textures to create landscapes through intricate photomontages that speak of absence and pain, explores our collective fears, of homicide, kidnapping, uncertainty and insecurity, of not really knowing who are the others. Her scenes display erased characters hiding behind curtains of indifference. These beings are the folds and knots of a country submerged in a humanitarian crisis.
On her stages, the artist projects the shadows of migrants and missing people over an otherwise colorful country. These are the characters in the national nightmare from which we hope Mexico soon wakes up. The anonymity of those missing is a key aspect in her montages, it punctures holes in her images, empty silhouettes that beg the question: what if these were the ones you love? Would you still avert our eyes and forget the number of those gone?


Lizette Abraham has a BA in Communication, an MA in Design, and has taken part in many multidisciplinary workshops and clinics in the arts. Currently, Lizette lives in Mexico City, where she’s focused on her creative work. Her fine art photography explores diverse processes for the creation of constructed images based on matters of gender and social issues in her country. Parallel with her photographic work, Lizette has practiced performance art, always finding ways to combine both disciplines. Lizette employs fabric as her main material for the development of her ideas. She plays with lighting, textures, colors, characters and digital editing to create complex landscapes that for her, stand as metaphors of social and political events in Mexico. Some of her images also depict her own body, in an introspective view towards women’s identity. Lizette has had five solo shows and more than fifty group exhibitions of her work in galleries, museums and cultural centers in the cities of Mérida, Bogota, San Luis Potosí, Morelia, Puebla, Pachuca, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Miami and Nebraska. Some of her most recent shows include the following: In 2016, Lizette’s current work was presented in “El Museo Latino”, in Nebraska, and won the first place in alternative photographic techniques in the Festival Internacional de la Imagen FINI, in Pachuca, Hidalgo. In 2015, her images were selected for the “Bienal de Fotografía Construida de Bogotá 2015”, in Colombia, and in 2014, for the Art Basel art fair, in Miami, Florida. In 2013, one of her images also won the second place in the contest “Soy mujer y mis derechos van a donde yo voy”, in Mexico City. And in 2012, her series “Los complices” participated in the “Primera Bienal Héctor García”, in Mexico City, the 2012 FINI festival, the Art Room Talent contest, among others.

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