Markus J. Becker

b 1978 Saarlouis, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin.


Markus J. Becker strives for an organic synthesis referencing architecture and abstract art in his ink drawings. Rather than reaching a final state, his drawings emulate living shapes with the potential to evolve in numerous ways, always depending on the viewer’s perception. The compositions oscillate between dynamic and static, between chaos and order. It is important to keep in mind that both poles are interdependent. Chaos is uninhabitable, it requires form, structure and design. At the same time, any type of order needs traces of chaos to allow room for development; chaos is order’s creative driving force. On close observation, the drawings reveal axes, shapes and patterns which seem to dissolve in detail only to immediately regroup to form new shapes. This process offers numerous, potentially endless combinations and can continue on in the observer’s imagination.

The layout of each image is defined by several layers. They vary depending on complexity, motif and colouring. The first layer is defined by thin lines which mark out surfaces and empty spaces, almost like an architectural floor plan. A line shapes, structures and separates. Every line is applied to the surface with a thin brass rod and ink – or drawn with a technical pen by hand or compass. During application, little droplets of ink roll off the metal, leaving gaps which are in turn divided by fine, technical pen-drawn lines. Almost like notes on a sheet of music, they turn into a visual score. When the lines join up or intersect, they create surfaces and axes – the score begins to sound. This is the foundation for the second creative layer: every surface is individually masked with tape, thereby creating straight, angular and inflexible shapes. Shades of colour, a combination of brush and printing techniques, and the use of metallic leaf create a surface structure that lends a three-dimensional, almost tactile quality to the rigid overall structure.

The contrast of lines, fine dashes, straight or bent edges, soft colour gradients and various surface structures evoke a fragmented and deconstructed landscape, in which the viewer picks their own perspective. The choice of materials – ink and technical pen on matte, translucent drawing film emphasises this effect and gives the drawings a certain fragility. It is in the repetition and evolution of lines, dashes and surfaces that the search for structure, form and character continues.



  • 2006  Diploma Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
  • 2001 – 2006  Study of Industrial Design at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Exhibitions and Art Fairs
  • 2017  Domino at Salve, Berlin
  • 2017  50 Contemporary Artists, Enter Art Foundation, Berlin
  • 2016  50 Contemporary Artists, Enter Art Foundation at Berlin Art Week
  • 2016 ›radial traces‹ BERLINER LISTE 2016
  • 2016 ›traces in structure‹ KÖLNER LISTE 2016
  • 2015 ›traces in structure‹ Galerie erstererster
  • 2014 ›Transparenz_Licht‹ ELEMENTE MaterialForum
  • 2013 ›The poetry of the functional‹ Industriemuseum Chemnitz
  • 2012 ›glîn‹ gallery temur, Berlin
  • 2011 ›Design Deutschland 2011‹ – International Touring Exhibition
  • 2011 Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Mailand
  • 2011 International Contemporary Furniture Fair, New York
  • 2011 Business of Design Week and Inno Design Tech Expo, Hongkong
  • 2011 ›Designpreis Deutschland – Nominee Selection‹ ambiente, Frankfurt
  • 2010 ›schwarzweiß rosarot‹ Raum 82, Berlin
  • 2010 ›MaterialWUNDER‹ raumprobe, Stuttgart
  • 2010 ›The poetry of the functional‹ Industriemuseum Chemnitz
  • 2010 – 2011 Permanent exhibition (02.08.10 – 30.06.11)
  • 2010 – 2011 red dot design museum, Zeche Zollverein, Essen
  • 2010 ›Design on stage – winners red dot award: product design 2010‹
  • 2010 red dot design museum, Zeche Zollverein, Essen
  • 2010 ›material TRENDS exhibition 2010‹ HANNOVER MESSE
  • 2010 ›Young Design‹ light+building, Frankfurt
  • 2010 ›made in Berlin‹ Blickfang, Stuttgart
  • 2009 ›Licht‹ Blickfang, MAK Wien
  • 2009 DMY International Design Festival Berlin
  • 2007 DMY Youngsters, Berlin
  • Nominated: 5th International Marianne Brandt Contest 2013 | glîn
  • Nominated: Politikaward 2011 | filmlet: Who Is Rescuing Whom and Why?
  • Nominated: Designpreis Deutschland 2011 | category: up and coming designer
  • Nominated: Designpreis Deutschland 2011 | category: product design | perelin
  • Nominated: 4th International Marianne Brandt Contest 2010 | perelin
  • red dot award: product design 2010 | category: product design | perelin
  • iF material award 2010 | category: product design | perelin

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