Martin Audioun

Iowa, U.S.A.. Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Martin Audioun is a Los Angeles native that transplanted himself into Europe.

Escaping heroin addiction back in LA, the death of both parents, suicide of a close friend, smog and boredom with his state of life, he was propelled to express himself in a visual outlet, which resulted in these works.

By merging from the traffic and endless days of perfect weather for a moodier zone, he began assembling acrylic & pastel responses based from sketches of his surroundings in Europe.

Working in textures of abstract and figurative that draw from within and reflect the impressions of the world today, create a meditative state as he drifts into the canvas and colors. Martin DJ’s under the alias KRAFTWÖÖD and loves to cycle everywhere possible. His influences come from Coltrane, Twombly, Tal R & Asger Jorn. Martin utilizes all elements of sound and vision including video, photography, audio expression, drawing and painting. He is currently in Denmark, studying at the Århus Academy of Fine Arts.


  • Education
  • 2018 Århus Kunstakademi, Painting - Århus - DK
  • 2019 Copenhagen School of Design - KEA - DK
  • Exhibitions
  • 2019 Maker Lab / KEA - Nørrebro -Copenhagen - DK
  • 2018 42 Contemporary Artists by Enter Art Foundation - Gerichtshöfe - Berlin - DE

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Works by Martin Audioun