Maxim Wakultschik


b. 1973 Minsk, Belarus. Lives and works in Düsseldorf

Maxim Wakultschik uses art as a medium and vehicle to explore the uniqueness of everyday encounters. He invites us to reflect his works in a meditative way. He depicts the concentration of the moment, the look in the eye as a concentrated, essential image. Like a kind of symbol or brand it might be perceived quickly and catchy, memorable and first and foremost continue to have an energetic effect. Mirror reflections, his skillful application of light and shadow and in different nuances shimmering, gleaming colours bring back memories of cult figures to be worshiped.

Wakultschik likes to confuse the beholder with the complexity of his works. He builds up an illusion, pretends a presumed reality and offers another vision at the same time. His works are only completed by the beholder, his interaction and reflection.

Train Windows 

Maxim Wakultschik, who studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, has been taking the eastbound train from Düsseldorf to his home country of Belarus for over eighteen years. The idea for the Train Windows series came to him in 2006 on one of these journeys as he was watching the glowing windows of a train that that stopped at the platform in front of him. The scenes in the individual windows appeared like completed paintings. The poses of the passengers, the ambience, the interplay of light and shadow and the strong, harmonizing yellow-green tones reminded the artist of the works by the Old Masters as if they were framed by actual window frames of the train.

The works match the original window size of a Russian night train and have an aluminum frame. The frame is part of the painting as it conveys the suspenseful moment of observation.

The artist wanted to create mysterious windows that can break through the rigid walls offering the view into another space.


2009 recognition award ‘Switch On!’ Light Award 2009 Gräfelfing, D

2006 Special Award for Originality, ‘Kunstpreis Wesseling’, Wesseling, D

2005 Art Award PSD Bank Rhein-Ruhr, Düsseldorf, D

2001 Art Award Sparkasse Bayreuth, D

Kubo Art Award, Young Artist Competition, Stadtwerke Herne AG, Herne, D

Emprice Art Award 2001, Museum NRW-Forum, Düsseldorf, D

2000 Kö-Galerie Art Award, Düsseldorf, D

Caspar von Zumbusch Prize, Herzebrock-Clarhorst, D

1987 Union Competition, Diploma, Moscow, RU


Solo Exhibitions

2016 “Monuments”, Christian Marx Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany

“Perspective Three”, TRIBU HOUSE, Geneva, Switzerland

2015 ‘Facetime 2.0’, Galeria Simon Nolte, Portocolom, Mallorca, ES

‘Porträt. Form, Farbe, Illusion’, NEW AG, Mönchengladbach, D

‘Faces’, Junig Gallery, Cologne, D

2014 ‘Der heimliche Blick’, Kunstverein Ibbenbüren, Ibbenbüren, D

‘Der zweite Blick’, Gallery Palais Walderdorff, Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst, Trier, D

‘Von Angesicht zu Angesicht’, Kunstverein Östliches Sauerland in the Museum Haus Hövener, Brilon, D

‘Face Time’, Galeria Simon Nolte, Portocolom, Mallorca, ES

‘Face Time’, Michael Nolte Gallery, Münster, D

‘Die Poesie des Alltags’, Kunstverein Aurich, Aurich, D

‘Zeitfenster’, Kunstverein Gundelfingen, Gundelfingen, D

‘Gesichts-Züge’, Kunstverein Heidenheim / Brenz, Heidenheim / Brenz, D

‘The Art of Shadow’, Kunstverein Nümbrecht, Nümbrecht, D

‘Face to Face’, Kunstverein Ebersberg, Alte Brennerei, Ebersberg, D

2013 The Raymond Banas Art Gallery and Maison De La Culture Et Des Loisirs, Metz, FR (catalogue)

‘Hall of Fame’, Christian Marx Gallery, Düsseldorf, D

Gallery Frank Pages, Geneva, CH

‘Face Time’, Anya Tish Gallery, Houston, TX, USA

‘Trainspotting’, Versandhalle Grevenbroich, Municipal Gallery, Grevenbroich, D

‘new objects’, von fraunberg art gallery, Düsseldorf, D

‘Night Train to Moscow’, Kunstverein Biberach, Biberach, D (catalogue)

2012 ‘Der heimliche Blick’, Museum Kunstsammlungen of the City of Limburg, Limburg, D

‘wirklich – nicht wirklich’, Kunstverein Barsinghausen, with Götz Wintterlin, Barsinghausen, D (catalogue)

2011 ‘Maxim Wakultschik /Paintings’, Galerie an der Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, D

Turmgalerie im Schloss Augustusburg, Augustusburg, D

Municipal Gallery Petershagen, Petershagen, D

2010 ‘Night train to Moscow’, Kunstlerloge, Ratingen, D

‘Inside Movement’, Gallery im Griesbad, Ulm, D

‘East-West Night Train’, von fraunberg art gallery, Düsseldorf, D
‘Ambivalences’, Gallery Nolte, Münster, D

2009 ‘Closely Watched Trains’, Anya Tish Gallery, Houston, TX, USA  (catalogue)

‘Public Inside’, von fraunberg art gallery, Düsseldorf, D

2007 ‘Deception’, Burkhard Eikelmann Gallery, Düsseldorf, D (catalogue)

2006 ‘Dualities’, Anya Tish Gallery, Houston, TX, USA   (catalogue)


Art Collections:

Booz-Allen & Hamilton (Frankfurt, D), Fast Trade AG (Cologne, D), Bach, Langheid & Dalmayr (Cologne, D),

ProFonds GmbH (Munich, D), Denk GmbH (Berlin, D), Emprise Consulting GmbH (Düsseldorf, D),

Hewlett Packard (D), Ernst & Young, Deutsche Allgemeine Treuhand AG (Frankfurt, D), AXA (Cologne, D), Qiagen AG (Hilden, D), PwC Deutsche Revision AG (Düsseldorf, D), Sparkasse (Herne, D), PSD Bank Rhein-Ruhr (Düsseldorf, D), Granderath GmbH (Düsseldorf, D), Benning, Gluth & Partner (Oberhausen, D), Municipal Gallery Arsenal (Białystok, PL), PSD Bank Rhein-Ruhr (Düsseldorf, D), Adelta Finanz AG (Düsseldorf, D), Taylor Wessing (Düsseldorf, D), NEW AG, (Mönchengladbach, D).

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