Megan Archer

b 1988 Dunedin, New Zealand. Lives and works in Berlin.


My practice is concerned with the intersection of digital processes and traditional art-making techniques, and the global phenomenon of millennial nostalgia experienced via technology. My painting process always begins with collage; working primarily with the human form and abstracting to a point where recognisable elements blend with newly abstracted areas. Some bodies are digitally sourced and reconfigured on screen, others are found in magazines and journals. Currently, I am interested in the way these new human forms blend together and float on a blur of colour. Their backgrounds hint at fast scrolling screens or perhaps even a virtual purgatory.

My painting practice as a whole is experimental, as I search for the point at which the borders between traditional and virtual methods dissolve into one another. Colour is an important element in my practice, the soft pastel gradients draw out an unsettling, glossy sense of the uncanny, confusing the past and the future.





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