Milana Schoeller

b 1986 Munich. Lives and works in Stockholm.

My art is my revolution


Sustainable development, although being an empty signifier, holds one important aspect for me, which surpasses everything else.

It is an idea born out of a problem that impacts, and has to be addressed, by every single person on this planet. It truly is a global problem that transcends language boundaries, national borders or cultural differences. It binds us all into one.
Art has always been my way of expressing myself. I have painted since the day I could hold a pen. As such, after my studies, I decided to address this subject by the means I could best communicate it.

I moved to Sweden and started to take a variety of themes within sustainable development and express them in my way on a canvas. I want my art to lead to a positive social change.

Art can touch an individual on a deeply personal level, and so I try to take these subjects and bring them into people’s hearts. My art is abstract which allows a viewer tremendous freedom to see their own reflection within it, to make it their own.
But the theme of the paintings revolve around sustainable development.
I usually write a text about my paintings, expressing exactly what I want to communicate with them, in the hope that it will change a person’s view of life. The text is always available but does not hinder someone to have their own private connection with the painting, to see and explore them for themselves.

My art is my revolution.




Bethge  und Bernheimer Contemporary, Milana Schoeller, curated by Isabel Bernheimer, Hannover, Germany

Bernheimer Contemporary, Reflection . Self-Reflection, curated by Isabel Bernheimer, Berlin, Germany


HIGHLIGHTS International Art Fair Munich – Gallery Bernheimer / Colnaghi, Munich/London

Bernheimer Contemporary, Who Cares, Social Responsibility in Contemporary Art, curated by Isabel Bernheimer, Berlin, Germany


Xiao Hui Wang Art Museum, The Red String, curated by Xiao Hui Wang and Dr Sonja Lechner, Suzhou, China

Hubert Burda Media, Burda Creative, Crossing the Rubicon, curated by Mon Müllerschön, Munich, Germany


Kunstkonnex and Mercedes-Benz, Lebensmotor – Was uns antreibt, curated by Dr. Sonja Lechner, Munich, Germany

De Martino Gallery Contemporary Art, Still Alive, curated by Dr. Sonja Lechner, Munich, Germany

Mentorship Peter Sköld: Working together with Artist Peter Sköld

Research Associate at INSEAD


Art Room 9, WOMA, Munich, Germany

Garbo, Exhibition in Stockholm

Member of the Next Generation Committee for FBN


The Climate Change Group, London, UK

Expedition to Greenland: Participation to an expedition to Greenland to learn about Climate Change.


2014 Nomination for the Prix Veuve Clicquot Woman of Inspiration Award

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