Moran Sanderovich


b 1980 Tel Aviv, Israel, Lives and works in Berlin.

In my work I seek to create new creatures and embody alternative human forms. Engaging in the grotesque and uncanny to produce visceral narratives of agency, transformation and potentiality. The work aims to challenge and confuse normative conceptions of bodily limitation, taking disability, mutation, and decay as starting points for new forms of life.

Working through combining a range of materials, including silicone, fabric, industrial waste, toys, organic objects such as bone and hair, latex, and other found objects. The juxtapositions of the different materials unhinge the normative perception of objects, confronting dissonant images that require attention. Fabricating skin­like surfaces that appear nearly organic, some of the work include the use of animatronics, giving the sculptures a strange presence between living and not­living.



Schwester/ אחות Performance, The House & the lights ­ Festival of the Norwegian Theater Academy ,Noeway
Schwester/ אחות Performance ,Arts Festival ­ Theater discounter, Berlin (DE)
Schwester/ אחות Performance ,Clinch festival, Hannover (DE

Schwester/ אחות P erformance ,Mad House Festival ­ Theater discounter ,Berlin (DE) Schwester/ אחות P erformance, J ewish Museum, Frankfurt (DE)
Aviation suit exhibition,Alfred Gallery Tel Aviv (IL)
Tangible C omorbidity a tribute to polarity E xhibitions, berlin (DE)


Wounderland s olo exhibition, Alpha Nova Kulturwerkstatt & Galerie Futura, Berlin (DE) Schwester/ אחות Performance, enCOUNTERs Project­Artistic Positions on Hidden Narratives of German­Israeli,
M o u s o n t u r m , F r a n k f u r t a m M a i n ( D E ) a n d C C A , T e l A v i v ( I L )

I know I’m ugly, but I glitter in the dark ( installation) in I D Festival, Radial System, Berlin (DE)
In the Jungle of Hair, GRIMMWELT museum, Kassel (DE)
Don ́t call it a context, Kreuzberg pavillon, Berlin (DE)

Exdress: Boye, trauma , Exclusion and inclusion, month of performance art berlin (DE) Parallel Sensations, Ballery Gallery ,Berlin (DE)


Skinless, Ballery Gallery ,Berlin (DE)
Anthropobeast, Kaleidoskop Berlin Galerie (Solo Exhibition), Berlin (DE) DisemBody, Alpha Nova Kulturwerkstatt & Galerie Futur (Solo Exhibition), Berlin (DE) Monsters, Sprechsaal Gallery, Berlin (DE)
InsightSkin i n “The Mask Project // Paris ­ Berlin ­ Dedougou” Platoon Kunsthalle, Berlin (DE)
InsightSkin in “Incontinence Revisited”, Alpha nova Kulturwerkstatt & Galerie Futura, Berlin (DE)


Warp and Woof, District Berlin Gallery, curated by Adi Liraz and Dieuwke Boersma, Berlin (DE)
Out Of Fashion, GL Holtegaard Museum, Cophenhagen, and Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg (DK)

InsightSkin i n ” Urban Art Clash”, Platoon Kunsthalle, Berlin (DE)
InsightSkin, Shift Gallery, Berlin (DE)
I n s i g h t S k i n i n M o n t h o f p e r f o r m a n c e a r t i n B e r l i n , A V F o r m a t v 2 . 7 g a l l e r y , R A W g a l l e r y , |OKK| ­ Organ kritischerKunst, Berlin (DE)
InsightSkin in “ Beyond Commemoration”­ Month of Performance art Berlin, site­specific performance at the Holocaust memorial, curated by Dovrat Meron, Berlin (DE)


InsightSkin, performance at “Manisensations” event, Leap Gallery, Berlin (DE) InsightSkin, performance at Sophiensaele, Berlin (DE)
Affen mit Waffeln, performance in collaboration with Amit Jacobi, Blickwechsel Festival, Magdeburg (DE)


D e c o m p o s i t i o n , p e r f o r m a n c e a t K l i p a T h e a t r e a s p a r t o f “ K l i p a A d u m a F e s t i v a l ” , T e l A v i v (IL)
Decomposition, performance at Bass art space, Jerusalem (IL) Decomposition, performance for School of Visual Theater Finale, Jerusalem (IL)


Tselem Enosh (In the Image of Man, Be’eri gallery, Kibutz Be’eri (IL) Circulation in Zimzum Paarim, Zik Gallery, Jerusalem (IL)
H u m a n N a t u r e , p e r f o r m a n c e a t 2 4 e I n t e r n a t i o n a l T a l l i n n T r e f f F e s t i v a l , T a l l i n n ( E E ) Human Nature, performance at Poppen theater festival, Dordercht (NL)
Human Nature, performance at Israel Festival, Jerusalem (IL) HumanNature, performanceat,Bialystok Festival(PL)
Human Nature, performance at Fist Festival, Belgrad (SRB)
H u m a n N a t u r e , p e r f o r m a n c e a t Z a v t a T h e a t r e , T e l A v i v , ( I L )
Human Nature, performance at Schaubude Berlin (DE)
Human Nature, performance at Chan Theater, Jerusalem (IL)

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