Nicoleta Albei-Wigger

Brosteni, Kreis Suceava, Romania. Lives and works in Berlin.


Nicoleta Albei-Wigger has been living in Berlin for 20 years and is a freelance artist. Her acrylic paintings speak about the movements of life and people. Her art is to paint pictures that emerge from her emotional world and thus create a coherent overall art work as a step-by-step process. This creates color explosions of dark and radiant tones, which makes up the charm of her work.

Exploding colors and subtle sensuality are only a small part of what Albei-Wigger wants to express in her pictures. When looking at the large-scale acrylic works, the result is a moment when the subtlety of the motif becomes gradually recognizable. In many cases, it is only after several careful inspections, then suddenly the suspicion comes up, perhaps something has been overlooked. A face or figure. Hidden in the color universe and yet again made visible through this. Everything the artist paints is associated with the joy of life.



  • Exhibitions
  • 2019 Art auf Sylt im Lister Markt - Galerie Nicoleta Berlin - DE
  • 2019  Art im Stilwerk 2. Etage - Galerie Nicoleta Berlin - Berlin - DE
  • 2019 Premium Cars Dinnebier - Kurfürsten Damm - Berlin - DE  
  • 2019 Diocesan Museum Francesco Gonzaga - Mantua - IT
  • 2019 Exhibition of Sylt List - DE
  • 2019 Artbox - Zürich - CH
  • 2018 The Flanders International Biennial of Contemporary Art - Oud Sint Jan Museum - Bruges - BE
  • 2018 Ausstellung der Nationen - Venice Biennale - IT
  • 2018 Madatart Gallery - Muriel Guepin Gallery - New York - USA
  • 2018 F37 Bar and Gallery - Berlin - DE
  • 2017 49 Contemporary Artists by Enter Art Foundation - Kantgaragenpalast - Berlin - DE

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Works by Nicoleta Albei-Wigger