Nikita Zhukovskiy

b 1982 Moscow. Lives and works in Berlin.


‘Borderlines’ triptych images are fragments of an ongoing photography project which spans for about ten years. It is a series of digital photographs capturing airport guidelines for aircrafts and service vehicles. Capturing the act of crossing borders it focuses on the aesthetic of industrial mark making techniques framed in a minimalist composition, exploring the notion of borders as formal lines on the ground, which may remain abstract for one audience yet represent restrictions and even country borders for others. First images of the series were shot from a restricted area of a flight control tower of an airport in Moscow while the artist was unable to travel outside of his country. They were exhibited in Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art and ‘Loft’ gallery in St. Petersburg.


part of the formation sound research project
featuring spatial soundworks

Formation is an aluminium sound sculpture which may be assembled in various ways while each time a new sound file is composed and performed live through the surface of the sculpture itself through a special transduction device.

Taking inspiration in Japanese culture, graffiti aesthetics and methods of translating typefaces into abstract shapes; all elements of the sculpture are based on the graphemes of artist’s tag. Embedded connection slots allow the sculpture to be assembled in multiple ways. The interplay of gravity forces and material resistance defines the form.

Althought spektator’s mind, relying on it‘s own preconceptions, aims to de-code and recognise the figurative image behind abstract forms, the artistic method of creating the ‚formation‘ sculpture denies the notion of a final 3-dimensional sculpture outcome, in favour of focusing on the process of translating letters into the abstract shapes in two dimensions.

This transformation into abstraction is inspired by certain sound design qualities as well as as sound synthesis experiments which are developing further into another medium, inspiring an ambient sound composition which is performed in each new installation space through the sculpture itself through a special vibration transduction device, which converts aluminium plates of the sculpture into sound emanating surfaces.


  • University of Fine Arts and Media Arts Magister Undergraduate - ongoing Universität für Bildende und Mediale Kunst, Angewandte, Wien.
  • University of Hertfordshire 'Fine Arts' merit diploma
  • ICA Moscow 'New Art Strategies’
  • 2017 'BITORESC', Heiligenkreuzerhof, Wien, Austria
  • 2016 'Infected Structures', Sokołowsko Sanatorium Dźwięku, Poland
  • 2015 'Q-WATER' solo show, The Club, Berlin, Germany
  • 2015 Activist in residency program, Visby, Sweden
  • 2013 'Digital Frictions', Wisses Haus, Vienna, Austria
  • 2013 'Show of Four', Gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • 2013 'Museum Night', Rodnya gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • 2013 'Street Action', Artplay, Moscow, Russia
  • 2013 'Inner Geography', Random gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • 2013 'BHSAD GROUP SHOW', Artplay, Moscow, Russia
  • 2013 'Inventory" group show, House of Golovinih, Moscow, Russia
  • 2012 'ICA Special Project' at 'Art Moscow' international art fair, Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • 2012 'FORMA' art festival, Bauman Park, Moscow, Russia
  • 2012 'DREAMS' exhibition. Fabrika, Moscow Russia
  • 2012 'WORKS' group show, Artplay, Moscow, Russia
  • 2011 'Experimental group exhibition' curated by ICA Moscow, Random Gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • 2009 'CNTNR #2' duo show, LoftProjectEtagi Aty Centre, St.Petresburg, Russia
  • 2009 'CNTNR #1' duo show, Art Strelka, Moscow, Russia
  • 2008 'Qui Vive?', special project, International Biennale for Young Art, MOMMA Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia
  • 2008 'Experimental Sound VS Graffity', live performance at the closing of the International Art Fair 'Art Moscow, Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • 2007 'Lubi Kutur' curated by Andrei Bartenev, MOMMA Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia
  • Works are in private collections’ in Moscow, Berlin and Vienna

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