Noah Becker

Munich. Lives and works in Berlin.


I started painting as a way of soothing my thoughts that seemed to clash together in a mish-mash of topics and textures. On the canvas, I paint the maps of these growing processes. Maps of surroundings I frequent, people I meet and ideas I’ve formed. The maps were not necessarily of existing places, but more of feelings and experiences, of memories and smells, and especially of music.

My paintings always start with music. When I hear music I see colours, and I zone out on a canvas with whatever I find around me; chalk, spray paint, acrylic, tape or markers are the materials I use most frequently. I never know in advance where the process will take me, sometimes it grows into a story and sometimes it remains abstract, but it always starts with sounds. Having my atelier next to my music studio is an interesting process. One influences the other and helps it grow into its next stage.



  • Solo Exhibitions
  • 2017  Bake All Day - Die Hamburger Galerie - Hamburg - DE
  • Group Exhibitions
  • 2018 Transformation by Enter Art Foundation – bunker101 – Cologne – DE
  • 2017 50 Contemporary Artists by Enter Art Foundation– Multipolster – Berlin – DE
  • 2017 No Commission - Berlin - DE
  • 2016 and 2017 - Yair - Kalashnikov Gallery - Berlin - DE

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Works by Noah Becker