Sabatino Cersosimo

b 1974 Turin, Italy. Lives and works in Berlin.


Following a line that has its roots in certain expressionist painting (especially the Viennese Secession) but evolves through the modern painful mediterranean and english realism, man with his psychological complexity and relationships is the center of my interest, the man and his moods, expressed through the body and through the mind.

I paint with oil on birch wood and chip wood (of which I appreciate the compositional and textural possibilities that the structure allows itself), and on steel with the contribution of oxidation (and sometimes bitumen) obtained with water and other natural elements.

Such oxidations act on the metal through their (almost) uncontrollability, as time acts on humans, condemning him to physical and psychological decadence.


  • 2016     Season Opening, Accesso Gallery, Pietrasanta (Lucca, IT).
  • Emotional accordion (solo exhibition), The Ballery Galerie, Berlin.
  • 2015      Ex-Fabrica. Changing spaces in the residue of urban identity  (Cersosimo Habisreutinger Seinfeld Vitari). Funkhaus Berlin
  • The iron attitude (with Vitaliano). Accesso Galleria, Pietrasanta (IT).
  • Zwei italienische Maler aus Berlin (with Jessica Rimondi), [Kunst] Projekte, Mannheim
  • Premio ORA. Winner.
  • Nude, The Ballery Galerie, Berlin.
  • 2014      I maestri del sogno, Palazzo di Foggia, Paestum (Salerno).
  • Zentralstation, Rathenau-Hallen, Berlin.
  • Cross Currents, Funkhaus Kunstraum, Berlin.
  • Tracce (Solo exhibition), Cooperativa Borgo Po e Decoratori, Torino.
  • Affordable Art Fair (Maastricht, NL), Galerie Mooiman.
  • La memoria del corpo, Spazio d’Arte Duina, Paitone (Brescia).
  • In Chartis mevaniae. Madre Terra - Terra Madre, Chiesa di Santa Maria Laurentia,            Bevagna (PG).
  • 2013      DecemBEARDS, Galerie Mooiman, Groningen (Holland).
  • Painted Faces Showdown Competition, Saatchi online. Semifinalists selection.
  • Il Gioco dell’Arte e nell’Arte. Arte in Piemonte dal Novecento a oggi, Palazzo Mathis, Bra (CN).
  • UmspannZENTRALE, G11 Galerie, Berlin.
  • Arte in terapia, Festival dei due Mondi, Spoleto.
  • Klein Kunst Party, Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul (South Korea).
  • Macht Kunst, Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, Berlin.
  • Art Fair at the Warehouse, Rotterdam.
  • …To be continued… Raffaella De Chirico Arte Contemporanea, Torino.
  • 2012     T.RAUM (Double solo exhibition with Michele Brancati), Galleria Raffaella De Chirico, Torino.
  • Open Art Fair (Utrecht), International Art Fair (Groningen), Affordable Art Fair (Amsterdam), Galerie Mooiman.
  • Broadcast, Funkhaus, Berlin.
  • 2011      Nuclear UnFair, Tacheles. Berlin.
  • Solo exhibition, Palazzo Oddo, Albenga (SV).
  • Il mestiere di vivere. Artists covers for the Cesare Pavese’s book “Il mestiere di vivere”, Libreria antiquaria Biggio, Torino.
  • 2010      LOV#2, painting performance during the evening of June, Atelier BiBi e le Belle Arti, Torino.
  • Gli universi di Bottega Indaco, Palazzo Oddo, Albenga (SV).
  • 2009      Ritratti (Triple Solo exhibition with Elisa Filomena and Davide Loi), Galleria Davico, Torino.
  • Collettiva. Circolo degli Artisti, Torino.
  • 2008      Carne alla brace (Solo exhibition), Circolo Borgo Po e Decoratori, Torino (curated by P. Mantovani).
  • Paratissima 2008, Torino.
  • 2007     Post Kult (Solo exhibit), Spazio Post Kult, Halle (Germany)
  • Eventi Musae. Competition.  Castello Normanno, Aci Castello (CT).
  • Two paintings were made for the young Italian director Roberto Cuzzillo’s film “Senza fine” (No End)
  • 2002     Segnalibri d’artista, Libreria La Gang del Pensiero, Torino
  • Artisti a Torino, Torino Esposizioni.
  • 2001      Scene da film, Castello della Contessa Adelaide, Susa (TO)
  • 2000      Premio Vasapolli,  Chiostro di San Filippo, Torino.

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