Sebastian Klug


b 1981 in Munich, Germany. Living and working in Berlin.

My work is about combining „contemporary“ fast and digital photography with the ancient technique of weaving. By cutting up to three prints of a photograph and recombining them I transform the original image to an object with a three dimensional surface. I further work on the picture by weaving different materials (textiles, foils or cardboards) into it, pixelating it on a plane level or creating a relief by pulling stripes out of the woven context. Most of the used photo material is based on my cell phone series on Berlin’s clubbing scene but also on found material such as b/w photos from the forties-sixties. Due to the handwork applied on the photographs every object is a unique piece.

He started using photography whilst studying architecture and since 2008 has exhibited widely. His work has been shown as a Highlight at the European Month of Photography Festival in Berlin during 2010 and across venues in various cities including Amsterdam, Venice, Helsinki, Copenhagen, London and Oklahoma.

Using a Nokia 6300 mobile phone at low light levels, Klug create an atmospheric visual diary that mixes the grain, noise and strange colours of his phone’s pictures, with that of his nocturnal encounters. The people he photographs float like ghosts, leaving small traces of their existence as they journey through the night.

Sebastian Klug is represented by Bernheimer Contemporary in Berlin.

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