Silvia Paci

b 1990 Prato, Italy. Lives and works in Florence.


In my artistic research the body plays the most important role, it is the tool that allows us to be in contact with the world. In my paintings, there are always bodies, rarely perfectly realized. These ephemeral figures express the passage of the human being into a chaotic world. Within my works, different situations are visually intersected. Modern chaos is represented by overlapping layers of painting. Colors that evoke fear or discomfort contrast with those which invoke hope, while elements of destruction alternate with pleasing elements. This is the reality that i see, a constant alternation between negative and positive forces, hope and despair. I try to create images that are not discounted, but i want the viewer to question what is happening on the canvas. I love to create ambiguous images where everybody can create their own story. The technique of oil painting allows me to create a visual difference where more dense and violent brushstrokes alternate with more defined ones. This technique allows me to create a rhythm within the work.


  • The Academy of Fine Art in Florence. Exhibitions
  • 2017 Finalist Combat Prize 2017 , Museo Giovanni Fattori , Livorno. KNOCK OUT exhibition, The Showroom gallery, Chaochangdi, Beijing. Beyond reality, solo show , 318 internation Art village, Chaochangdi , Beijing. Arte per Pamat , Palazzo della provincia , Prato.
  • 2016 Combat Prize , recommended artist , Museo Giovanni Fattori, Livorno. Rosso di Donna, Sala Campolmi, Biblioteca Lazzerini, Prato . Uno , Nessuno , Centomila, sponsored by ONart gallery , Teatro delle Logge di Montecosaro , Italy. Sogni e Simboli, ONart gallery, Firenze.
  • 2015 Prima Pagina Art Prize, sponsored by il Resto del Carlino, ARTEFIERA , Bologna. Focus exhibition , Fellini gallery , Berlin. Black canvas exhibition , Fellini gallery , Berlin. TU35 Project, Officina Giovani , sponsored by Centro per l'arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci , Prato.
  • 2014 Fragile Corpo, spazio espositivo di via Firenzuola, Prato.

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