Sylvia Rybak

b 1997 Chicago. Raised in Warsaw. Lives and works in Berlin.


Sylvia Rybak’s interest in the creative arts spawned from her fascination with the unreal and surreal. As her ideas developed, she found both the realistic and manipulative art of photography to be her most preferred means of communication.

Through series’ of surreal still lifes she grazes concepts of isolation and identity. By using colorful backdrops of sunsets, pools or tropical rainforests, Sylvia transforms her surroundings into a hypnagogic utopia. The only human element within the photographs – dismembered hands which inexplicably dangle in the air or firmly clasp their surroundings – introduce an element of self-portraiture. The photographer addresses interpretations of introversion and societal withdrawal using a kitschy and decorative representation of newly created places of seclusion. As a result, we are drenched in a seductively grotesque and color-filled reality.


  • Education:
  • 2016-2019 (ongoing) Berliner Technische Kunsthohschule
  • Bachelor of Arts Photography
  • Group Exhibitions:
  • 2018 "Her Presence is Fuel" MŌ Gallery, VOODOO55, Berlin
  • 2018 Zwei Drei Raum, Berlin
  • Selected Publications:
  • 2017 Art Connect Magazine “Spotlights” Sylvia Rybak
  • 2017 KALTBLUT Magazine “Focus on: Sylvia Rybak”
  • 2017 Create! Magazine “Features: Sylvia Rybak”
  • 2018 DNA Art Magazine issue #06 “Saints”

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