Tassia Quirino

b 1989 São Paulo, Brazil. Lives and works in Berlin.


Working across photography, video and installation, Tassia explores the relation between light, colour and space and how it affects our perception. Through over or underexposing images, erasing information, distorting forms, multiplying pictures or adding colours, she seeks to disfigure and collapse viewers sense of reality.

In her current body of work she investigates how humans perceive colours by photographing a white screen. Screens are designed considering how the brain processes information captured by our eyes. How does it look for the eye of a camera? How many different images can be captured from a white screen? How much time do we spend staring at screens?


  • Education
  • 2011 Film - FAAP University - São Paulo - BR 
  • Exhibitions
  • 2017 49 Contemporary Artists by Enter Art Foundation - Kant-Garagen-Palast - Berlin - DE
  • Awards
  • 2014 The Walkers Festival - São Paulo - BR
  • 2011 Asolo Art Film Festival Award - Asolo - IT
  • Residencies 
  • 2017 Picture - Berlin - DE

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Works by Tassia Quirino