Theresa Kallrath

b 1987 (Swedish / German) Lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany and Paris, France.


Kallrath’s abstract paintings consciously avoid any preliminary thoughts that would be reflected in the conception of a specific object or item. The creation of her mostly large, acrylic paintings, are rooted in a process of finding and defining that takes place unintentionally. Thus, the title of her paintings are purely of associative nature, referring to mostly positive spirits and moods, perceptions and experiences of the young artist. Moments of chance are the driving forces of her painting process. These moments translate into a logic that the artist recognizes and that she sticks to. The elements and structures of colors that the painting is made up of are formed with various tools. Brushes, scrapers, wooden slats and her own hands serve as her tools. Existing layers of paint and colors are overlain by or even obliterated by new ones. These layers may complement, contradict or contract each other. Their flow differs as well as the texture of the painting’s surface. The artist constantly tries new color compositions. Only the „Nichtfarbe“ black is missing in her paintings. But what is crucial for Kallrath is not HOW the painting and its surface is designed and made but it is WHAT’s on it, which reveals itself to the viewer of the painting uniquely and anew in every piece of her art as well as that it is perceived only from the viewer’s particular perspective. Furthermore, it is WHAT the viewer sees and feels when looking at the abstract paintings of the artist that is pivotal.




  • @theresa.kallrath


  • École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris (Dominique Figarella andBernard Piffaretti) Paris / France
  • Kunstakademie (Herbert Brandl, Siegfried Anzinger and Udo Dziersk) Düsseldorf / Germany
  • School of Arts (Till Meier) Bremen / Germany
  • School of Culture and Art Lund / Sweden
Selected Exhibitions
  • 2019
  • Heinrich Hoff Burg Galerie Brueggen / Germany
  • von Fraunberg Art Gallery Duesseldorf / Germany
  • Malkasten Künstlerverein | Duesseldorf / Germany
  • Conmoto Art Gallery Muenster / Germany
  • 2018
  • Enter Art Foundation | Berlin / Germany
  • Löwenpalais Grunewald | Berlin / Germany
  • Heinrich Hoff Burg Galerie | Brüggen / Germany
  • Galerie Christoph Dürr | München / Germany
  • Conmoto Art Gallery | Münster / Germany
  • Kunststiftung Starke | Berlin / Germany
  • Gallery the Art Cube | Düsseldorf / Germany
  • Kö-Gallery | Düsseldorf / Germany
  • von Fraunberg Art Gallery | Düsseldorf / Germany
  • LWL Museum: Metzelder Stiftung | Münster / Germany
  • Sculpture Projects 2017 | Münster / Germany
  • Galerie gauche et droite | Paris / France
  • Unicef-Gala | Cologne, Aachen, Hilden / Germany
  • Berlin Art Week | Berlin / Germany
  • Grunewald Starke | Berlin / Germany
  • Artcoins Gallery-Kunstballast | Düsseldorf / Germany
  • Gallery Anette Müller | Düsseldorf / Germany
  • Heinrich Hoff Burg Gallery | Brüggen / Germany
  • Le Tour Belgique | Cologne / Germany
  • Commerzbank – Jungfernstieg | Hamburg / Germany
  • Gallery Gecko | Solingen / Germany
  • 2014
  • Gallery Jetzt am Dellplatz | Duisburg / Germany
  • Gallery Anette Müller | Düsseldorf / Germany
  • Awards
  • Mercuri Urval, Young Talent Award Winner

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