Tina Winkhaus

b 1966 Essen. Lives and works in Berlin.


Tina Winkhauses work is incomprehensible.

Thats actually amazing because her works are structured, clear. subversive and offensive and feminist. Tinas works wanders through completed photos studies in Munich, New York and London through the area of photography and juggles with their strategies: Collage, engraving, entropy, and indexicality. One gets the sense that Winkhaus has studied Barthes and Adorno. But there is even more ; digital, electrical fragments, manipulation and reference.

Her works reflects back at us and allows us a certain insight ,without which we would begin to doubt reality itself. Just one glance at a work from Winkhaus and the world dilapidates into dust and glitter.
Winkhaus blends the private with the tasteless and manipulates in a fully unscrupulous manner. She doesn’t need any allies, her enemies are her sword and shield.

She consistently mixes the private with the public, art with commerce, strangeness with familiarity. It is the vehemency of the first impression coupled with consistent figures that distinguishes Winkhaus amongst the international elite: Idea, composition, post production, the fusing together of dozens if not hundreds of large pictures  that have previously been taken separately. And ultimately what we see in them !. Winkhaus has never been interested in “snapshot” photography, she doesn´t care about the perfect moment. She displays pictures that don’t need any explanation although there would be a lot of explanations. Her works are eccentric and cannot be captured in words. The artists that she has anything to do with are either musicians or fashion designers or have been dead for centuries.

Strictly literal interpretations versus a personal point of view. Magic versus documentation. Art versus commerce. “ What can certainly be said is that her art is not just a diary of a singular eye” ( EugenTaran) 2008


  • www.fortina.de


  • @tina_winkhaus


  • Fachhochschule Für Photography Munich
Museum Exhibitions:
  • 2014 "5 minutes", Centre Pompidou, Paris
  • 2013 "Desire", Kunstmuseum Bergen, Norway
  • 2010 "Die Unsterblichkeit der Sterne", Artmuseum Solingen, "Visionen von Schrecken und Hoffnung"
  • 2010 Museum Voswinckelshof, Dinslaken
  • 2014 "It's my pleasure to serve you", gallery 206, Berlin
  • 2013 "It's my pleasure to serve you", Salon Rochstr. 01, Berlin
  • 2012 "It's all shitty", Brunnenstr. 22, Berlin
  • 2011 "Unter Tage, Shot by God", Direktorenhaus, Berlin
  • 2010 "Sorrow & Eternel Sadness", Tape Modern, Berlin
Group Exhibitions:
  • 2017 Gallery Biesenbach, Cologne 2016
  • 2013 "Unter Tage", Salomon Artsgallery, New York City
  • 2013 "Unsichtbar", gallery Westwerke, Hamburg
  • 2013 "3", Kunstverein Im Friese, Kirschau
  • 2012 "The Daily Darkness", Gallery Neurotitan, Berlin
  • 2012 "Berlin 01", Galery Stephane Biesenbach, Cologne
  • 2011 "Armenhausreich", Kunstverein Graz, Regensburg
  • 2011 "Menschensbilder", Gallerie Fasanen 37, Berlin
  • 2010 "Shadows of the Brights", Berlin Art Projects, Unter den Linden 40
  • 2010 Mythos, Hoffnung, Lebenslust, Gallery Berlin Avantgarde
  • 2010 GalleriaNumero38, She shoots or beeing Shot, Lucca
  • 2010 Glaube, Hoffnung, Lebenslust, Avantgarde Galerie, Berlin
  • 2010 Feedback, Mousonturm, Frankfurt
Art Fairs:
  • 2013 "Winkhaus Loves You", abc, Berlin
  • 2011 Swap, Art Fair Barcelona, GalleriaNumero38, Lucca
  • 2009 Contemporary Art Ruhr, "New Romantic", Galerie Art Affair, Regensburg
  • 2008 Tease Art Cologne (Agency Yorckberlin)
  • 2007 Berliner Kunstsalon (Galerie Ambacher Contemporary)
  • 2007 Tease Art Cologne (Agency Yorckberlin)
  • 2007 Berliner Liste (Agency Yorckberlin)
  • 2006 Berliner Kunstsalon (Found Galerie, Hamburg)
  • 2006 Preview Berlin (Galerie Kunstagenten)
  • 2014 Landesbank Baden Württemberg
  • 2010 C Collection Lichtenberg
  • 2016 Herbert-Gemisch-Stiftung, Friendly Footage
  • 2015 Alfred Erhard Stiftung,  Tiere in der Kunst, Berlin

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