Tyrone Richards

b 1988 Los Angeles, USA. Lives and works in Basel.


The works of Tyrone Richards center around issues of the collective consciousness. Politics, Religion, Spirituality and Science are captured within aesthetic moments. Disturbance and attraction are both part of his work, forming a conglomerate of experience.

Often working in labor-intensive techniques, such as his pointilist style, the artistic process is a space of contemplation and meditation.

Focusing mainly on drawing and painting as his media, Richards often refers to the mythology and tradition of the material.



This series of drawings deals with the nuclear disaster which occurred at the Japanese power plant in Fukushima, March 2011.

The internet became both a research tool and a conceptual unifying medium.
What struck me is the large number of aerial photographs and satellite images. It seems clear that the type of imagery generated by the event is closely related to the hazard it poses to humans, Fukushima Daiichi must be viewed from a distance. With this view of Fukushima I began to draw the ruined buildings, translating every value of shade into ink dots.

The density of dots determine the depth of shadow. In so doing, the entire image can be expressed in differences of density.

To me, the dot as the smallest visual element can be seen as the metaphorical equivalent of atoms and matter.
The effect that emerges from this technique is that of subtle vibration, as if the drawing were somehow loaded with energy, again drawing comparisons to nuclear power and radiation.
The ink drawings are done on rice or China paper mounted on wood panels. The binding agent is a glue from rice starch. Using this medium is a reference to traditional Japanese materials and becomes a relevant aspect of my work.
It becomes the synthesis of a trauma, the root of which is found in 1945, colliding with two simultaneously existing ideals: Both that of a romanticized tradition and that of technological wonder, curiosity and advancement.

The title of the series has the appearance of a mysterious code which is in truth the coordinates of Fukushima Daiichi. It signifies not only the place where the disaster took place but is again a reference to the aerial view as described earlier. 37.421389°, 141.0325°, seemingly meaningless numbers are charged with context and content with relevance not only to a single nation but a global mindset.





  • 2014-2016 MA in Fine Art Education, Basel
  • 2011-2014 BA in Fine Art at the School for Art and Design, Lucerne
  • 2009-2011 Study of Illustration and Fine Art at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco
Group Exhibitions
  • 2018 Safransalz und Maggikraut, Kunstraum Baden - Baden
  • 2017 Best of Young Generation, Platz für Kunst - Rapperswil
  • 2017 Offline, Up and Coming - Zürich
  • 2017 Enter Art Visits documenta 14 -Kassel
  • 2017 Parcours Humain, Salon Mondial - Basel
  • 2017 Young Generation, Platz für Kunst - Rapperswil
  • 2016 Enter Art Foundation - Berlin
  • 2016 Art des Hauses, Büsserach
  • 2016 Pop Up Art Basel, Enter Art Foundation - Basel
  • 2016 Liste Köln, a Space Cologne
  • 2016 SetUp Art Fair, a Space - Bologna
  • 2016 Regionale 16 - Strasbourg
  • 2016 Auswahl 15, Aargauer Kunsthaus- Aarau
  • 2015 Swab, a Space - Barcelona
  • 2015 Art Market Budapest, a Space - Budapest
  • 2015 Jungkunst - Winterthur
  • 2015 Kunstpause Zug - Zug
  • 2015 Kölner Liste, a Space - Cologne
  • 2015 JKON - Olten
  • 2014 Jungkunst Galerie am Leewasser - Brunnen
  • 2014 KunstLokal - Rheinfelden
  • 2014 Art Copenhagen - Copenhagen
  • 2014 Under One Roof, GUM Gallery - Mosau
  • 2014 Cutlog Art Fair, Art Space Zürich - New York
  • 2013 Kunstpause - Zug
Solo Exhibitions
  • 2014 Antonini & Richards -Rheinfelden
  • 2014 Dreamlights, Art Space Zürich - Zürich
  • 2013 Ascent, Gallery 9a - Bern

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