Victoria Santaella

México City. Lives and works in México City.


Time passed so quickly that I mislaid it. I looked for it in the cracks of the city, in the fissures of pavement, in the scars of the skin, in the hairs on the ground, in the marks on the wall, in the fallen paint, in the print left by a stain, in the trace that shows that there was a photo…and I found it. I found it in a new form and in a new space.

Time goes by, we hold it; we hold overlapped memories and others that have been lost. Art allows me to find them, not finding whatever has been lost, but undertaking a search that leads me to new places.


EXHIBITIONS AND EXPERIENCE Participation in the collective exhibition to be inaugurated soon: “La máquina inhabitable, arquitectura imaginaria” ("The uninhabitable machine, imaginary architecture"), curated by Lucía Vidales, in Gallery 665, Mexico City, February 2017. Collective participation in the exhibition of the Noox Gallery, Mexico City, March 2017. Selected to participate in the exhibition organized by Noox Gallery in Berlin, Germany, date to be confirmed, 2017. Participation in the exhibition of the Galería Artífice (Art Makers Gallery), Mexico City, March 2017. Direction and production of the film of her authorship, "Horizonte" (“Horizon”), 2017. Participation in the cultural corridor Roma Condesa, at the auction "La Esmeralda" organized by Nixon, Casa Quimera and Alart, Mexico City 2016. Design and Professor of the 2016 Summer Course for the Museum of Modern Art “Creando Ciudades Fantásticas” ("Creating Fantastic Cities"), Mexico City. Design of workshops for various audiences on the exhibitions of the Museum of Art of Mexico, 2015-2016, Mexico City. Conference (Lecturer) on Landscape in the Vasconcelos Library within the framework of the exhibition "México, País que queremos, País que nos duele" ("Mexico, country we love, country that hurts us" 2016, Mexico City. Participation in the collective exhibition "Mexico, Country we love, country that hurts us", Biblioteca Vasconcelos, Mexico City, 2016. Exhibition: "Graduarse es" (“Graduating is”) at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving La Esmeralda, 2016 Individual exhibition "Intersticios", curator Ivonne Dubois, in the main Gallery of the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving La Esmeralda. Reviews and articles on art in the digital page: directed by Rodrigo Delgado, Mexico City, 2010 to date. Selected at the UNAM Biennial of Visual Arts 2016, Mexico City Collective exhibition "Parametro" (“Parameter”) at the Museo Carrillo Gil, Mexico City, 2015. Collective exhibition "What is not", 2015, in Office of Art, curator Daniel Coronel, Mexico City. Collective exhibition“Diálogo 2015” (“2015 Dialogue", in the Vasconcelos Library. 2015, Mexico City. Award for Best Actress at the Festival Internacional de Cine de Hermosillo 2013 (International Film Festival of Hermosillo 2013), Sonora, Mexico. Selected for the Art Exhibition Art 40. 2013, Mexico City. Participation in the play "La Dama Boba", (“Lady Nit-Wit”) by Lope de Vega, Director Abraham Alcalá. 2012, Mexico City. Short film "Ana", by Ángel Cerlo. 2011. Short film "Levedad", by Mauricio Calderón, 2011. Actress in the play "The Long Christmas Dinner" by Thornton Wilder; Directed by Otto Minera and produced by Halo Studio. 2010-2011. Participation in the “Festival Internacional de Tamaulipas 2010” ("International Festival of Tamaulipas 2010"), Tamaulipas, Mexico. Performance in the work "Tango" S. Mrozek. Address: Luly Rede. Teatro Coyoacán, 2010, Mexico City. Protagonist of the feature film by Director Ivan Loewenberg, "La Castración", 2009-2010. Locution of children's radio stories, 2010. Toured Mexico USA with the Theater Group "Serendipity" (with Director Jorge Ramos Zepeda), Houston, Texas, USA, 2004.

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