Waseem Marzouki

b 1982 Al Raqqa, Syria. Lives and works in Los Angeles, USA.


Art, politics and military images collide in my work as I’m trying to explore the power systems that play in the war.

My paintings are grounded in images of tanks and soldiers, both common sights in Syria as a proxy war represented by different forces fight for control of the land and its resources.
I normally start with a central image, then layer symbols and writing in various languages over that image. The convergence of these symbols — some of which come from Shi’a, Sunni, Christian or Jewish culture — reflects the cultural diversity of the region and the many voices present in the war.

For me now, these paintings are a road map for understanding the chain of events in my country.
When I see these paintings after 10 years, if I’m still alive, I can understand what was happening there,
I can remember everything that was happening and I can tell everything, without forgetting details.
When you find writing on the tree, like [from] you and your loved one, this is the same.




  • Cinematography. Global Cinematography Institute, Hollywood, CA / 2013
  • Bachelor of Art. Damascus University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus, Syria / 2007
  • Spazio Elle, Locarno / 2018
  • Castelli Art Space, Los Angeles / 2018
  • 49 Contemporary, Enter Art Foundation, Berlin / 2017
  • Almarkhia Gallery, Qatar / 2015
  • The Institute of Islamic Cultures. Paris / 2015
  • Meem Gallery, Dubai / 2014
  • Waqif Art Center, Qatar / 2009
  • Gothe-Institute, Damascus / 2007
  • 2018 16 Contemporary Artists, Enter Art Foundation, Bonn
  • 2017 Art Share Los Angeles, Los Angeles
  • 2017 Institute of the Arab world (IMA), Paris
  • 2016 Saatchi Gallery, London
  • 2016 Castor Gallery, New York
  • 2015 Sorbonne University, Paris
  • 2013 DEP0 Gallery, Istanbul
  • 2012 New Art Exchange, Nottingham
  • 2011 Katara Art Center, Qatar
  • 2016 “Phobia” (Short Animation) Director & Producer Saatchi Gallery / London / Qatar Museum
  • 2016 “Sunday” with the Smith’s Creative Director Venice Biennale / Saatchi Gallery / Qatar Museum
  • 2014 “The Firm” (Experimental Video Art) Animator Barjeel Art Foundation, Dubai
  • 2011 “Rain” (Short Animation) Animation Producer Tribeca Film Festival
  • 2009 “K-FM” (Short Animation) Director Winner of Silver Award Tehran Film & TV Festival
  • 2008 “Story From Damascus” ( Short Animation) Director & Producer Damascus Arab Capital of Culture Festival

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