Andrea Lavezzaro

b 1982 São Paulo, Brazil. Lives and works in Berlin.


When I was a child, I used to spend most of the time drawing – to play, to learn, to escape, and even as a way to interact with others. My grandfather taught my father how to draw fairly well, hence I inherited it.
Because drawing was an activity I always enjoyed, I mistakenly chose to study fashion design, only to find out later that the fashion world is definitely not for me. Luckily, all the disappointment and pressure I had while dropping university served for me as inspiration to immerse myself into photography. I started working with an analog camera, a tool that remains untamed in my hands, and a reason why I still adore it – regardless of how much I can control the camera, there are always elements of surprise interfering with my expectations, and I allow a great amount of my work for those interferences to happen freely, as if somehow I become aware that sometimes I must lose control during my processes and give the space to other forces (whatever it might be). But I am also a strong user of flash, digital and even mobile cameras – for me, all tools are valid.
My interest lies in street and documentary photography, as well in more poetic approaches, as long as there is some sort of provocation either in the theme or in the visual of those images – all of that is quite the opposite of the photography I do commercially, which is mainly cheesecake nudes of females, a field I am not particularly enthusiastic about, but has been supporting me financially for the past 11 years, working strictly with photography, therefore giving me enough freedom to keep on pursuing my ideas and further explorations.


  • 2000/2003 Fashion Design, FASM / São Paulo
  • 2014 Mentored by Eli Reed, Magnum Photos / Paris
  • 2014 Masterclass with Bruce Gilden, Magnum Photos / Paris
  • 2015 Mentored by Bruce Gilden , Magnum Photos / Tokyo
  • 2016 Seeing Through Photographs, MoMa / New York
  • 2014, 2015 and 2016 Artist in Residence UAP / São Paulo
  • 2018 Black and White Darkroom, Dunkelkammer / Berlin
Solo Exhibitions:
  • 2016 It’s a Match! Ori Gallery Berlin
  • 2016 Vinyl Stories/These Walls, Edel Ag, Hamburg
Group exhibitions:
  • 2017 CCT-See City, Pistoia, Italy
  • 2015 Nippon Photo Institute, Japan
  • 2015 Paraty em Foco, Brazil
  • 2014 Paris Photo Week at Magnum Photos Office, France
  • First place of the 2016 Leica/Huawei collaboration competition “It’s all about music"
  • 2018 Nikon x Edition F
  • 2017 Leica Fotografie International
  • 2017 Discovering Tuscany
  • 2016 Leica Fotografie International
  • 2016 Positive Magazine
  • 2016 PH Museum

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